What is an Application Tracking System? How does an ATS aid HR managers?

What is an Application Tracking System? How does an ATS aid HR managers?
  1. What is ATS?
  2. Benefits of using ATS
  3. How does work ATS?
  4. The future of Applicant Tracking Systems
  5. Summary


What is ATS?

Application Tracking System is a toolset that is used to help large, medium, and small companies to make the recruiter's work easier when it comes to the process of selecting candidates and recruiting specialists for the team. ATS simplifies the entire recruitment process.

According to GetApp, 83% of recruitment professionals explain the increase in recruitment speed with ATS. Almost 80% of recruitment professionals love the ATS function because this tool improves the quality of candidates.

The process of selection of candidates and recruitment of new specialists into the team is one of the key tasks of the personnel department of the company. Because the quality of all stages of this process will influence the future productivity of the team and the results of the company as a whole. The cost of hiring is high, so the company should make sure that they hired the right people, so later this role is not needed again.

The current recruitment process will show if you have chosen the right people for the team. If the company does not have an automated process of recruitment and selection of candidates, and your HR managers are difficult to find talent or organize a pool of talent, then it is time to consider the necessity of the applicant's tracking system.

Benefits of using ATS

1. Saving time spent on routine tasks

ATS software helps speed recruitment and saves time for more important tasks. If you have previously manually placed a list of vacancies and manually sent further e-mail messages, ATS allows you to automate these tasks without losing quality.

2. ATS allows you to view resumes more quickly and in more detailed

ATS providers have analyzed how difficult and labor-intensive is the manual process of checking each feedback on a new vacancy for recruiters, taking into account that each offer receives tens or even hundreds of resumes. This load reduces the quality of the resume review, resulting in recruiters' risk of losing talented candidates.

ATS automates the initial review of all applications using algorithms to meet job requirements. Those who do not meet the minimum requirements are rejected and the rest are ranked according to the qualification criteria.

This allows recruiters to stop wasting time on candidates who are not suitable for the vacancy and to relieve themselves of boring routine tasks.

3. ATS increases the quality of employment

The quality of recruitment is also improved by means of applicant tracking systems. And there are many reasons for this. For example, thanks to the initial automated selection of candidates recruiters interact only with suitable candidates from the pool of candidates.

In addition, due to automation, recruiters have more time to interact with candidates in the selection process. This means that they can gather more information and make a more complete assessment of candidates before making hiring decisions.

4. Improvement of employer's reputation and brand

The consistent and technological process of recruitment strengthens the brand of the employer, as it becomes clear to candidates that by using such a form of communication and selection of candidates the company follows innovations, is modern, and strives to develop and improve. And these features are especially important for young specialists who will also make decisions about cooperation with your company. The use of modern tools allows you to make an impression on candidates and increase the number of talents on your list.

5. ATS helps optimize employee adaptation

Once the candidate has accepted the proposal, recruiters can automatically conduct and monitor the quality of his adaptation path. Use the system to ensure that documents are issued, plan the necessary initial meetings, services, and so on.

6. Opportunities for deeper integration

The applicants' tracking program now offers a possibility of deeper integration

Today, most ATS solutions are equipped with excellent in-depth integration capabilities to provide better functionality. The tool reduces the total amount of time spent hiring new employees and provides information to HR managers that they can use to improve recruitment. Integration prepares the way for constant recruitment flows and helps human resource professionals to eliminate shortcomings to achieve favorable business results in the shortest possible time.

How does work ATS?

It should be noted that ATS is most often needed by medium and large companies. Some small businesses may also use software to track applicants. However, for small organizations, this is not so necessary.

ATS software is really designed for companies that often hire large amounts of professionals. If you just hire one or two new people per year, you may not need ATS software to manage this process.

With digital and online technologies, the process of selection of candidates for positions has become much easier. Today, the applicant tracking systems are mostly developed in the cloud and are offered as software-as-a-service or SaaS solutions. АТS eliminates high expenses on realization and inefficient processes.

ATS are multi-faceted and have many features, many of which may vary depending on which ATS you needed. There are simpler ATS with basic functions, as well as those that include advanced features.

However, ATS's leading providers typically offer a range of generally simplified recruitment functions, such as:

  • Search for candidates
  • Filters
  • Search by keywords
  • Communication with the applicant
  • Distribution of the vacancies
  • Automatic email settings.

The choice of ATS depends on the business and the needs that are planned to be closed by the software. Before selecting this tool, we advise you to consult with experts and try the demo version.

The future of Applicant Tracking Systems

Previously, the ATS was sold only by several providers and for many enterprises, it was too expensive to invest in. Now customers have much more options for choosing ATS providers. Customers can choose what suits their needs and budget. Diversity is now huge in the HR arena.

In an era when the world becomes a witness to rapid technological innovations that significantly simplify the professional life of people, it is clear that the ATS has a bright future and the use of this type of software by companies will only grow.

Recruitment software will continue to evolve and improve.​

The ATS software market is expected to grow at 4,6% in 2022-2026, and its estimated value will reach nearly $1,5 billion.

Do not ignore the rapid development of technologies and their impact on life and business. Keep up with the times and use innovations to improve your life. We are pleased to provide you with consultation on our automated HR service.


The world is constantly developing and technologies help with this. Innovations have already entered into our everyday and professional life very deeply. Some actions are impossible to imagine without the help of virtual assistants. Because of the high efficiency of technologies, people are increasingly using them in almost all professional environments. One of them is HR - activity. If it was quite recently it was normal to imagine a recruiter who manually sends proposals for work, communicates with a huge number of candidates, and works with tons of paper documentation, then now in 2022 we confidently say that such an approach to work goes into historical oblivion.

Innovation is the future.

Start using the capabilities of technologies in your work to get guaranteed dividends as soon as possible.

If you have any doubts or questions, we are happy to advise you on the installation of the automated personnel management service.

Please contact us for quality consultation.




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