What is an HRIS system? The main types of HRIS

What is an HRIS system? The main types of HRIS
  1. What is an HRIS system?
  2. ​Benefits of using HRIS
  3. The main types of HRIS
  4. ​Prices for HRIS
  5. ​Future of HRIS ​
  6. Summary

What is an HRIS system?

​The Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a software solution that supports, manages, and processes detailed information about employees and performs other activities related to human resources procedures. As an interactive information management system, HRIS standardized tasks, and processes of human resources (HR), facilitating accurate record-keeping and reporting.

Benefits of using HRIS

When a business grows, basically, every owner wants his company to grow and develop steadily. However, over time it becomes increasingly difficult to organize and control detailed information about each employee. You will need to track the contact information of your specialists, salaries, tax payments, and much more. Many companies rely on human resources information systems to organize all of these data in one place. Given the right criteria, you can find a reliable HRIS platform that provides many benefits.

Some of them for business are:

  • Strengthening the strategic vision of the company’s development

HRIS allows you and your team to make more strategic decisions. When data about people and their work are stored in one place, there is an opportunity to see a more complete picture of the company, its progress, and results. Therefore, we can define areas of improvement in the company much more effectively.

Using HR data with consistent HRIS reporting not only helps your organization achieve its business goals but also enables HR to make more informed decisions and influence processes in the company.

  • HR efficiency improvement

The HR department is always busy. Maintenance of schedules, release requests, an increase in wages, insurance, and other tasks take away a lot of time.

The main task of HRIS is to make HR work easier and more effective.

The information is stored in one centralized database, where it can be easily accessible, divided, and modified. No more any tons of paper or millions of spreadsheets. HRIS will show you that most routines can be successfully automated.

When most routine and energy-intensive tasks are automated, HR leaders have more time for higher-level (and more cheerful) strategic tasks.

  • High organization and management of data

Until the time of cloud storage and high-speed computing, staff specialists had to collect, organize and receive employee data manually. Usually, it meant putting on physical documents, bulky files, and labor-intensive manual processes. Using modern technology, HRIS creates an easily searched database of items that administrators can access in seconds.

  • Easier Compliance

It is important to know about all important legislative changes. It is nice that automated processes ensure compliance with the latest laws in all systems. Thanks to the fact that documents are easily accessible and within reach, submission and dispatch are simple. With its built-in HRIS solution, your most capacity tasks are automated across all. systems and synchronized with each other for easy operation. Data integrity and seamless data transfer are the results of a properly integrated HRIS solution.

  • Increase employee satisfaction

​Effective and well-managed HRIS can contribute to a better employee experience. The user-friendly platform allows employees to navigate, view and update their information, easily require time and approval, and learn about their company's culture. This reduces calls and visits to the HR office, increases the sense of empowerment, and reduces the frustration of waiting times. It can also play an important role in creating a stress-free adaptation process for new employees.

The main types of HRIS

According to the features and tasks you need from HRIS, you can find and choose the right type for you, which will meet all your needs.

  • Strategic HRIS

Strategic HRIS refers to all personnel, not only to the functions associated with employees. The functions of the system are focused on supporting labor negotiations, planning of labor force, and certain specialized software for personnel. The main purpose of this is to have a general understanding of labor resources and workforce planning.

  • Tactical HRIS

By its nature, it is systems-oriented on employees. Created from scratch to provide information and support the distribution of company resources.

In HR, it is a recruitment solution, job analysis, training and adaptation, and other analytical functions.

  • Operational HRIS

These systems try to reduce, if not eliminate, the repetition of processes in human resources management. These systems do everything from the needs of employees and the interpersonal aspects of your workforce to meet state standards. Operational HRIS helps the specialist to perform their work effectively and save time and resources.

  • Complex HRIS

As the name suggests, complex HRIS carefully organizes and studies human resource files. The platform serves as an integrated database to store all employee-sensitive data together in one place. This type of HRIS was created so that the common domain of human resources can function much more easily. Today, too, most organizations around the world have begun to implement this type of HRIS and the number of users around the world is only growing.

Prices for HRIS

All HRIS providers have different pricing models. Because each service differs in the features it provides and the number of users it supports, prices vary accordingly. Because these platforms are usually based on clouds or browsers, they often charge a monthly fee for the user. That is, you sign a subscription for a month, six months, or a year. Before this event, you have the opportunity to use the free 30-day version of the platform to understand how it meets your needs and requirements. Accordingly, you can use a 30-day demo version of our HRIS Brainy HR. Please register herehttps://brainyhr.io/and make a decision about further use later.

The cost of paid accounts is generally between $1 and $20 per user per month, depending on other factors such as features and additions. Also ask your potential HRIS service provider for any additional costs such as setup, consultation, and support charges. In any case, buying HRIS is a good investment in the development and performance of your company.

Future of HRIS

​As automated technologies are evolving, human resource management is also changing. People are increasingly working together with technology. And it creates many advantages for business. The HRIS of the future will be more useful and intuitive which will make it easier for employees to achieve their goals faster and with better results. These systems will use artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) to “feel” what employees are trying to achieve, and actively offer solutions, from address change to enrollment to the best learning option. From the point of view of internal operation, HRIS innovations will become more manageable. Installation of updates and new releases will be easier and adapted to the needs of clients.

Organizations that use new and innovative technologies in their HRIS will be part of transforming the workplace into an environment where technology and people work together to create better results for all. The HR function is at the heart of this transformation. Let us help you. With our HRIS Brainy HR, you will achieve a higher level of technology-driven productivity.


Technologies are rapidly developing around the world. And it is not necessary to be afraid of this and it is necessary to try innovative solutions in your business.

To date, information technologies have become assistants for people who save time and money considerably. Therefore, if you want to be competitive in your business, you should keep an eye on technological trends.

One of these is HRIS. In this article, we described most of the advantages for business owners.

If you have any doubts, but you understand that you would like to try, we suggest you install our 30-day demo of Brainy HR

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