All information about employees in one place 

All essential information about employees in one place -  interests, hobbies, bio, information about marital status, about children (it is vital that there is a quick access to this information on the eve's of children holidays - you can see who has children, their gender and age), contact in case of emergency, education. You can also upload the necessary documents - resume, questionnaires, offers etc. 

Manager can add notes for certain employee and manage the visibility so it is so easy to open employee's profile and read some notes, track the progress.


It is possible to create templates for routine tasks - if someone is hired, certain employees have a list of tasks - to define a workspace, organize all access, etc. 

The same with termination - a list of tasks that must be completed.
The HR or manager can see to whom tasks are assigned and what status. 

Experience all the benefits of the Brainy HR People Management module

Quick Search 

Find an employee through the quick search form in few seconds 

Grid/List View

Everyone can choose which format for displaying information suits him 

Company Holidays

The system will remind that someone has holiday or work anniversary

Don't worry about access to the sensitive information 


It is easy to configure access in the system to give or take away access to  one or another information, block, section. 

You can hide documents, manager's notes, equipment from employees. 
 Configure permissions so only certain people have an access to managing the system - settings, performance review, surveys, rewards.  

Allow employees file a complaint or use this feature as anonymous feedback

Each employee can file an anonymous complaint. Complaints cannot be deleted, so employees can be confident that the complaint will be addressed.