Creation of conditions for more effective teamwork, ensuring transparency, controllability, and responsibility for the final result.

Onboarding/offboarding task lists

Make sure that employees' first day and onboarding process are as efficient as possible.

Customize the ready-made template taking into account the peculiarities of the onboarding process in your company and easily adjust it in case of changes.

All employee data in one click

Quickly find any information about your employees: a history of positions and salaries, the number of vacation days, and much more.

Grid and List View

Visual information about each team member will help the new employee get to know the company faster and easier to join the team.

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Say goodbye to tedious vacation tracking.

Each employee can see the balance of sickness and vacation pay and request a holiday or weekend (vacation or day off) from the system in one click.

Handle accruals, carry-overs, sick leave time, and all other confusing time off calculations with ease.

HR calendar: stay up to date

Do not keep in mind different calendars, dates of birthdays, anniversaries or work, the beginning or end of probation, holidays, and vacations. Now they will be on the same schedule.


Eases the intricate work of generating reports on virtually any data in your HR system with just a few clicks.

Main Features

Quick search

Grid/list View

Company holidays

All information about employee