Involve your employees in the decision-making process. Measure the level of engagement.

Create as many surveys as you want

Create various surveys, ask whatever you want - employee engagement, employee satisfaction, simply ask about birthday gifts and other questions. Gather answers and build strategy.

You can choose a single select, multiply select, text box, rating, slider as the question type - play with the settings and change the future!

Manage visibility

If you want to create a survey for a particular office or department, you can be sure that only these employees will see the survey.

Anonymous Surveys

Create anonymous surveys to collect important information and not touch the feelings of those who are afraid to answer.

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Recurrent Surveys

Are you tired of being created various surveys from time to time?

You can create only one survey, set the frequency, and the Brainy HR system will make all the next surveys without you, and the system will notify employees.

All you need to do is to check and compare results.

Gallup 12

Don't know how to implement this powerful tool into your company life?

With Gallup 12 template and special report, you don't need to worry anymore. Start asking these brilliant 12 questions, and you can easily measure employee engagement.

And even more, you can start changing your company and build a great corporate culture.


Forget about collecting responses in different tools, start using the Brainy HR Survey, and have access to all data. Custom reports build to simplify the interpretation of the data. Review all individual responses (even if they are anonymous - no names, but structured answers).

Main Features

Various question types

Recurrent surveys

Gallup12 template


Anonymous surveys