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Feature Requests

Ability to connect data through web hooks or API

Ability to connect app and allow information to follow across into a document generator (Brainy HR - Pabbly Connect - Crove). This would allow HR information to load into a formatted document (Employment Contract) to be generated by another app (Crove)

Add Dark theme

some employees like to use dark theme, so it would be great if Brainy HR has this feature.


Team option

I'd like to have a "TEAM" option similar to Office and Department, so I can assign KPI to the team but not for dept, I also want to assign survey to the team and not to department of office

Career Page

It would be great to add a career page where anyone can send their application and we can post job openings too.

In Progress

Organizational chart

Please add an option to put in an Organizational chart


Add timesheet so we can see when employees are due to start and finish and so they can clock in/out.


Add manager's note block to user profile

Release Date: 2021-11-01 11:08:36

now notes are shown in employee view but I can't see it in profile. if the note is visible for the employee, add it to profile