Performance review 

CEO, HR or manager can setup the process, then the employee assesses himself, then the manager assesses the employee.

Self- assessment can be disabled, and then only manager will conduct the assessment. 

Performance review cycle

Automate HR routine in your company, Brainy HR system will start your performance review cycle based on your settings. Employees will get reminders before their performance review. 

Experience all the benefits of the Brainy HR Performance Review  module

Core Values/KPIs

An employees's skills are assessed based on company values

Goal Achievement

The employee can set up goals and at the next review the achievement of goals can also be evaluated

Flexible Settings 

If the company doesn't practice any of the proposed, you can skip it


Employees can evaluate themselves based on the questions, developed by HR/CEO/Managers. Managers will get notification once self-assessment is completed. 

All performance review will be added to the system so manager and employee can easily find previous documents. 

Manager's review 

Manager can start assessment once self-assessment is completed. Manager will see employee's comments and answers and can compare with own ones. 

It is possible to download Performance review document as a PDF file with employee's and manager's signs.