Starting an HR Department from Scratch

Starting an HR Department from Scratch
  1. How to create an HR department from scratch?
  2. Do we need an internal HR department?
  3. Why is HR underestimated?
  4. HR consulting offer

HR department was seen as supporting the company's current policy, tasks were mainly focused on conducting the recruitment process. Currently, the role of human resources specialists is changing - they increasingly play strategic advisers to the management board. Find out why the HR department is necessary in your company!

How to create an HR department from scratch?

If we do not yet have a separate HR department in our company, we must consider employing several specialists. Thanks to them, we will build a competent department that will professionally deal with employees' employment and training. It is important to consider what goals he should pursue in the light of the entire company. Know your business expectations and have a consistent business strategy in place. Another key aspect is the proper division of responsibilities. The optimal structure should divide the staff into areas that relate to the HR department and the one dealing with the recruitment of new employees.

Do we need an internal HR department?

When reading about building the HR department's entire structure, we can have doubts as to whether we really need such an extensive unit in our company. And rightly so. Not every activity requires its own departments. They are indeed necessary to create a company that will be attractive to future employees. Outsourcing services come to the rescue here. HR consulting is an increasingly popular option for small and medium-sized enterprises. It helps reduce the costs associated with paying the entire staff and offers comprehensive and professional assistance for the employer.

Time for changes HR employees have to acquire knowledge in many areas. The necessary skill in this respect is the ability to manage human resources in organizations. This knowledge is usually acquired during studies. Later, only training is required to supplement this knowledge, deepening it, because HR must also know everything about the industry in which the company operates. Therefore, training in economics, statistics, or enterprise analysis may prove valuable for HR employees. Such thorough preparation for work in effect increases the possibilities of using human potential to gain an advantage over the competition. With a solid understanding of your opponents, you can search for specialists in specific areas more effectively.

Why is HR underestimated?

First of all, there is a lack of appropriate training to expand human resources employees' interests to participate in the decision-making process relating to the most important issues in the company. They are missing because managers do not see such a need and do not treat HR as a business partner. So it works like a feedback loop. Fortunately, most employees of this specialization have a bit of self-criticism and see the ineffectiveness of many processes; they see wrong assumptions in action strategies and adverse effects of decisions made. Over 40% feel the need to rebuild HR processes in the organization or implement a talent management strategy. HR specialists show the need for more intensive training for managers and employees, in their opinion, the ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of human resource management activities in the company, and above all, planning HR tasks by the actual needs and strategy of the entire company, also requires modification.

HR consulting offer

One of the most important tasks that HR consulting fulfills is the recruitment of new employees. A specialized staff can professionally select candidates based on previously created ideal personalities. Thanks to this, we are sure that we will obtain the best candidates for our company. What's more, HR outsourcing also helps us in the further stages. Its offer often includes such activities as: psychometric tests, questionnaires, introductory and improvement training, employee assessment, audit of HR processes, and expert consultations. HR consulting can also be counted on when it comes to creating remuneration systems and paying bonuses. Building an HR department is a complicated process that requires the cooperation of many specialists who will be responsible for selecting the right candidates and constant training and improving the competencies of already employed employees. Thanks to outsourcing, we can significantly raise the staffing level in our company. Therefore, it is worth focusing on high-quality HR consulting if we are the owner of a small or medium-sized company. ​

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