How to increase the effectiveness of the team? GRPI model

How to increase the effectiveness of the team? GRPI model
  1. What is the GRPI model?
  2. How to implement the GRPI model?
  3. Help your team work more efficiently

Every week you even make them progress, that they are doing jobs that help them do. A lot of meetings, more emails and a lack of awareness of what citizens may require by ticking off specific items of expertise and delivering them effectively.

How efficiently you get the results of your work about success, the control you can use, you can use the points of gaining friction points and driving factors. Efficiency is productivity for the sake of productivity itself. Rather, it's the only way to work the work environment and continue creating to continue to repeat the team.

What is the GRPI model?

This is an abbreviation of the first letters of words:

G- Goals

R- Roles

P - Processes

I - interpersonal relations.

These are the basic elements, the boss's ABC setting up each team. Lean over each of these elements and you will put out the first fires. Because you will set goals, priorities, assign roles, tasks and avoid stupid problems.

Do you think the order of the individual items is random? Then you are right. You think.

If an employee does not understand what the company's goal is, and thus the goal of her team, she will not understand what her role is. If he does not understand his role, he will not follow the procedures. If she does not follow the procedures, she will be on the line in the monthly report and it will also start to affect her interactions with the rest of her teammates.

How to implement the GRPI model?

The basic element of motivation that you can implement from the very beginning. You will help to understand the meaning of the existence of the company and your team. You will build belonging to something bigger and simply emphasize what is important. People need to identify with these goals.

What if they don't?

For example, Anna will burn out that she has no intention of talking on the phone to an elderly lady who does not know how to buy a top-up to the phone because she doesn't like talking about such trivial matters. Make sure that the goals follow, for example, the well-known SMART trend.

If you already know the mission and goals of the company, you can try to create/explain the existing KPIs, i.e. Key Performance Indicators. These are indicators that measure the level of achievement of the goals set by the employer.

The next piece of our puzzle is to make sure everyone knows what their responsibilities are. He knows what to do, what he is held accountable for and no one has the slightest doubt about it.

Make sure it is clearly stated who has the final say on specific issues, e.g. complaints, complaints, requesting a higher discount, resolving specific issues (first, second line of support).

If necessary, talk to the boss in the next department who checks the work of your team. Because there can be many understatements, and not every procedure clearly defines the tasks.

Some meetings are important and they make teams do a great job. No matter what type of meeting you plan to do, there are a few simple ways to make it more practical, productive, and effective:

  • Create and share an agenda ahead of the meeting. To make your team more efficient during meetings, make sure each meeting has a purpose. It may also be helpful to identify non-focus topics so that you stay on track. Create and share the meeting agenda with all meeting participants. Also attach any supporting documents, if any.
  • Define the rules of the meetings. Whether you meet in person or virtually, define and share rules for team or corporate meetings. Should team members put their laptops away? If this is a virtual call, should the video be on? If many people have a say, what should be the order in which to speak? Share these rules before the meeting.
  • Take notes that can be easily turned into actions. Before the meeting, appoint one person to be responsible for taking notes. Ideally, notes should be taken in the same place where the meeting agenda was made available. In addition to the notes, also write down activities with due dates and responsible persons.
  • Gather feedback to increase productivity. Regularly consult team members to make sure meetings are also important to them. If only a small group of people benefit from meetings, replace them with digital updates or project status reports.

Help your team work more efficiently

Improving efficiency is a continuous process. Although it may seem like a daunting task, with the right tools and tactics, your team can increase their efficiency. And the more efficiently you use these tools, efficiency will become second nature to you and an integral part of any project.

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