The Main HR Tools every HR Professional Should Know about in 2023

The Main HR Tools every HR Professional Should Know about in 2023
  1. ​What are Human resources management tools?
  2. Why should you use digital HR tools?
  3. The main reasons to start using digital HR tools:
  4. The Main HR Tools every HR Professional Should Know about in 2023
  5. Summary

What are Human resources management tools?

HR tools are a complex of technological solutions that help HR specialists and entire HR departments work efficiently and get good results. HR processes, especially in large companies and corporations, are extremely cumbersome and energy-consuming processes. Therefore, more and more companies are turning technologies into their assistants. Taking into account the huge demand for simplification and optimization of manual operations in HR departments, various automated services for HR specialists began to be created and offered on the market, which significantly optimizes and simplifies the work of individual specialists and the business as a whole.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the performance of standard personnel management tasks with the help of the most modern digital HR tools provides an opportunity for personnel managers to develop faster, more efficiently, and with better quality and, as a result of the used decisions, obtain good business results.

Why should you use digital HR tools?

Whether you manage a small business or a huge corporation doesn't matter. Simplifying and optimizing HR processes will bring results and benefits in both cases. After all, modern digital HR tools are designed to simplify processes, save time, and generally facilitate the work of HR specialists to achieve better results.

If at this stage you are ready to consider proposals for the purchase of an automated HR system, we suggest that you also consider the option of our product - BrainyHR. This is a multifunctional HRIS, which, when used correctly, is suitable for both small businesses and corporations.

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The main reasons to start using digital HR tools:

  • This solution will help you save the company money. HR software is most often paid according to the services' complexity; therefore, the rates are flexible. Simply put, you only pay for the modules you use. You don't pay anything extra. Also, automated systems can often do work that your specialists used to do manually and you had to pay extra for it. Therefore, in general, technological solutions are more of an investment than wasting money.
  • Saving time. After completing the training phase and putting HRIS into active use, the HR team can work much more efficiently and complete most tasks much faster. The most repetitive tasks can be automated, saving valuable team time. And this is an indisputable improvement in the team's internal processes.
  • Ability to make better decisions. Analytics and the collection of all data on one platform make it possible to better analyze the situation in the company, its problems, and its advantages, and make the right strategic decisions based on specific statistical data. Ability to receive valuable information with the help of automated HR systems = opportunities to make more effective decisions regarding business development.
  • Improving the employee experience. The technological level of the company is one of the most important indicators for choosing a potential employer, especially for the younger generation. If a company follows digital trends, it develops. And vice versa. Therefore, the level of specialists who want to work for you will depend on how innovatively developed your company is.Digital HR allows specialists to interact with the team digitally.

And this increases the convenience and comfort of employees' work, thereby improving the impression of the company and increasing the desire to work and grow professionally.

  • Ensuring transparency.Transparency in the company is also one of the important advantages that can be in the company and which talents pay attention to when making an employment decision. Most HR software is stored in the cloud, so all team members must be able to access it via a device with an internet connection. This improves accessibility as well as transparency as everyone has the same information available to them.
  • This is your competitive advantage. First, it is a competitive advantage for your HR specialists. After all, the automated hr system greatly simplifies their life and work, and they will, of course, choose the one among other companies that will provide the opportunity to work with digital technologies. Secondly, it is a competitive advantage for the development of your company. After all, if the company knows a lot of information about its employees and personnel processes that take place in the company, then managers can make much better rational decisions.

In general, there are many reliable digital tools for managing HR processes. Innovative HR solutions are invaluable for increasing the efficiency of business processes, minimizing risks, and reducing manual work.

Having decided to purchase an automated HR service, you do not waste your money. You are investing in the future development and prosperity of your business. And remember, technologies are the future. Start using them in your business today to get the results you want tomorrow.

The Main HR Tools every HR Professional Should Know about in 2023

  • Recruiting platforms

Innovative recruiting platforms greatly simplify the life of recruiters and increase the productivity of their work. For example, recruiting platforms allow you to select potential candidates and connect with the right candidate via social networks, LinkedIn. Recruiting platforms conduct a basic screening of candidate profiles and check their professional and personal skills. Imagine how much time this digital tool saves and how many tasks it can do better because AI does not make mistakes like a human.

And these are only a few benefits of how recruiting platforms improve the lives of specialists, performing mechanical tasks and freeing up time for really important strategic tasks. Therefore, if you are not yet using a recruiting platform in your business, we recommend that you try it as soon as possible and get the desired results from using it.

  • HRMS platforms

It is a multifunctional tool that optimizes and simplifies the life of HR specialists and, accordingly, HR departments as a whole. After all, HR departments store a lot of data about employees. And this data needs to be properly managed and analyzed. It is difficult for one person and even a team of specialists to effectively process such a volume of information. That's why you can choose HRMS for help. Whether it is a software solution or SaaS, an HRMS (Human Resource Management System) platform is essential for effective HR management as it allows you to store and organize data such as employee profiles, working hours, attendance records, holidays, and much more. Most HRMS tools provide a central platform for HR management and often have modules or integrations for payroll, benefits, and performance management. If you are looking for an effective and easy-to-use HRMS, we suggest you familiarize yourself with our HR software.

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  • Payroll Digital Services

The payroll process also needs changes. Managers want HR departments to become more efficient in managing the wages earned

Among the improvements of the new platforms over traditional payroll software processes are simplification, cloud-based management, and clarity for the employee who can access their data remotely and assess what the company is doing for them in terms of compensation.

Also, new platforms of this type make it possible to manage the careers of employees and do it transparently.

  • Performance management platforms

Performance managing methods will also change, and companies will increasingly use digital platforms for this. After all, even now, in many companies, the approach to employee evaluation and career promotion is somewhat outdated.

Often this procedure takes place without the necessary objectivity, based on parameters that are not strictly related to the results or performance of individual employees. It is important to set goals for individual employees and continuously monitor performance by openly providing feedback and evaluation to the manager and employees on an ongoing basis. Then it is easier to evaluate the success or failure of an employee based on facts.

Big variety of digital HR tools helps with this important task. Performance Management Platforms make it easy to measure employee performance based on performance indicators (KPIs) defined by managers in collaboration with HR and management.

These platforms allow you to test performance, identify how an employee or the team he or she works in can improve, and if necessary, provide individualized training to fill in the gaps.

The software monitors the performance of each employee by creating up-to-date reports. And already with their help, managers can make informed decisions about cooperation with one or another co-worker. After all, they need to objectively assess how useful an individual employee is for the company.

Digital platforms of this type must also manage corporate responsibilities to ensure the development of the potential of each person and all human resources, as human capital today is the most important asset of a successful business.


Digital transformation of human resources departments is an important step for every company. It is digital technology that becomes a necessary tool that significantly improves the work process and affects the overall productivity of the business. Therefore, the advantages of implementing digital HR solutions are obvious. Hiring staff processes, automating HR processes, monitoring performance, managing salary and bonuses, training staff, and managing employee experience - these tasks are best handled by digital tools. Depending on the needs, the organization can choose either a simple software for personnel management or a more complex one, which will be the basis for making important strategic decisions.

Choosing the right HR tool is a complex process as it requires a lot of planning and evaluation. You can write to us and our specialists will advise you on the selection and installation of a suitable solution for you.

And remember that technologies are the bright future of your business.

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