Ways to Celebrate Halloween in the Workplace

Ways to Celebrate Halloween in the Workplace
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In recent years, corporate events have grown in popularity significantly. They are a great opportunity to integrate employees, as well as motivation for further actions. During such meetings, people get to know each other better and improve relations with each other. In addition, they strengthen the skills of cooperation and communication in the team and have fun in an atmosphere of attractive entertainment.

The atmosphere of horror, dressing up and collecting sweets are fun habits that have crept into pop culture and increasingly become an occasion to organize parties.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, group meetings are not recommended, but this does not mean that you cannot take care of the chilling Halloween atmosphere at a distance. In this article, we'll look at a few ways to keep your employees happy on Halloween while working remotely, keeping them entertained and having time to talk freely.

Halloween event for remote workers

A great solution that will allow subordinates to spend some time with each other in a relaxed atmosphere is to organize a remote Halloween. This type of event takes place via videoconference. Thanks to it, employees will feel less lonely, which will have a positive effect on team morale and productivity at work. For this reason, it is even more worth organizing such a meeting.

​​In order for the Halloween party online to be successful, it is worth preparing for it. Here are the most interesting ideas that will easily add atmosphere to the party and provide an experience like a ghost festival:

The best disguise

Another competition where employees can prepare in advance and evaluate their outfits, winning a prize in return, which will be an additional incentive to change clothes. However, this is not the only way to play a fancy dress contest.

A few days before the meeting, let employees know that there is going to be such a game so that they can prepare. They will need various types of stationery, such as colored paper, scotch tape or crepe paper. During the meeting, the participants of the game will have to prepare a costume for themselves in fifteen minutes.

There is one condition: the costume must be created from scratch using stationery. The person who creates the most imaginative or impressive costume in the allotted time wins.

Decorating the workplace

Apart from the purely decorative element, decorating your workstation can have one more advantage - it can become an opportunity to win a prize. Before the meeting, employees who want to take part in the competition should decorate the place where they usually work in a Halloween atmosphere and take a photo of it.

Photographs should be sent in a private message to the organizer, who will organize an anonymous competition for the best home office decorations. Why anonymous? Thanks to this, each employee will be sure that its interior will be appreciated for how good it looks.

Telling scary stories

When it gets dark, you will be able to move on to calmer, anxious and fearful games - what Halloween is famous for. Telling scary stories - especially true stories - is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the dark atmosphere of ghosts and ghosts.

Many interesting inspirations can be found on the Internet. However, you can rely on your imagination. And just as Halloween costumes can be the perfect competition between employees, so can a competition be held in the case of ghost and monster stories.

The rules are simple: The participants tell their stories, and the rest of the game choose the one that turns out to be the scariest and most interesting. The winner receives a prize, and all participants of the event get a thrill.

Watching horror movies together

Watching scary movies about ghosts, demons and mad murderers is a popular way to spend ghost nights. So it's worth organizing a joint screening during the Halloween meeting at work. For this purpose, it is worth using one of the popular streaming platforms or tools that enable this option. Among the most popular you will find:

- Skype

- Zoom

- Netflix Party

- Houseparty

- Gaze

The list of films can be prepared in advance and made available to employees at the beginning of the event in the form of a survey. How many films can be watched depends on the duration of the event, the attitude and willingness of the employees. You shouldn't force people to watch movies, it should be anything you want, so that everyone feels at ease.


Although Halloween 2021 will look completely different than usual, nothing prevents you from taking the opportunity to have fun with employees in the form of a themed team building event. Many of the simple, dark-minded games will keep you entertained and allow people to break away from everyday worries and refresh their minds a bit.

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