Iryna Subbotina: “Investing in technology by HR in small and medium businesses is the most important function for 2023.”

Iryna Subbotina: “Investing in technology by HR in small and medium businesses is the most important function for 2023.”
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Talking to experts is the best way to figure out what business solutions you need. When we create content for you, we also use this method. To learn more about HR trends and how HR software can help small businesses, we interviewed our HR Generalist Iryna Subbotina.

Get your success by using our knowledge and experience.

- What are the biggest challenges HR professionals face in small companies?

A junior HR specialist comes into a small company and has to rebuild those processes that were built without professional knowledge from the beginning. Most of these processes were built by the business owner at the beginning, but that's not always efficient for business. Regardless of how new a company is, it already has some established processes and corporate culture. Consequently, one of the main challenges a new specialist will face in a small company is reorganizing HR processes professionally.

It's hard sometimes because people get used to old processes even if they aren't very efficient and don't want to change.

- What effects does HR software have on remote work quality?

Automation was a big trend in 2022. It's a trend that's going to continue. It's a must-have not just for remote work, but also for office work. Saving time when entering data or looking at reports is the biggest advantage of automation. My research shows that employees working in companies with HR software are more involved and motivated than those without.

From my own experience, I can also say that technological development is important for good specialists.After all, they are more likely to accept an offer of cooperation from us, because we use various work automation services, including our own Brainy HR product.

For them, we are more attractive than companies that use only Excel spreadsheets and Google documents in their work.

- Is it worth it for a small business to look into HR software at the start?

Already at the start-up stage, business owners need to think about building HR processes and software. If HR processes are built early and better, including using software, then later restructuring these processes will be much easier, and you won't have to spend time and money updating them.

- What are the main benefits a small business owner and his employees can get from investing in a digital HR solution?

Small businesses should focus on their business tasks, develop strategies, and create conditions for scaling, even if they have only 10-15 employees. Without an automated solution, they'll be dealing with small tasks and communicating with employees about HR-related operational stuff (sick leave, etc.).With HR software, employees can log in and see their own information, request time off, submit sick leave requests, etc. Because of this, the business owner doesn't have to worry about strategy because the automated program helps employees organize themselves.

With a digital solution, business owners will be able to keep track of all their employees' info in one place. Everything they need will always be there, whether it be birthdays, contacts, certificates, diplomas, etc.It's easy, convenient, and time-saving.

- Imagine you don't have HR software at work. How would this absence affect your work?

If I didn't have the software, I'd be wasting my time on whiteboards and Google Docs, writing important data manually, and conducting some surveys by hand.

In HR, automation is really important because I can find everything I need in just a few clicks since all the information is stored in one place. In general, this would greatly complicate my life as a specialist.

- What do you think will be the trends in HR in the near future?

There are a few main trends:

  • Employee involvement. Almost two-thirds of HR managers prefer retaining talent over attracting it, according to research by Lattice
  • Digital transformation
  • DATA-Driven approach. It's becoming more common to make decisions based on data
  • Work four days a week
  • Focus on skills. The HR department will pay special attention to training employees.

We also have an article about trends. Read it and figure out what's relevant to your business in 2023.

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