HR and HR Tech Trends for 2023

HR and HR Tech Trends for 2023
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​Since a few years ago, the global labor market has changed a lot. Covid-19 was one of the reasons for these changes. Technology has also caused a lot of changes. Whatever the change, the organization needs to be flexible and quickly adapt to it, because that's the only way they'll stay competitive. You need to follow trends regularly to stay "afloat" because by knowing them, you can make strategic decisions.

To help you work in 2023, we compiled a list of TOP HR trends for you to consider.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence has become common in many areas of human activity, making it one of the most common examples of technological development.

AI can improve HR and recruiting processes, like team building and performance management. AI is often used for staff training. AI can help employee training software recognize employee training needs, suggest training materials, engage users when they need help, and more. It's only a small part of what AI does for HR. Keep this in mind and use this technology if you haven't yet.

  • Offer Childcare Benefits

There's no doubt that childcare benefits are a growing HR trend around the world. Many employees leave their dream companies just because they don't have childcare benefits. Employee retention and productivity are increased as well as absenteeism is reduced when it is offered to them.

  • Virtual Team Building Activities

The approach to team building activities needs to change as more companies go remote or hybrid.For better team dynamics, HR can use these team-building activities:

- Team building quizzes. It's a cool way to engage new employees by having them answer trivia together.

- Virtual Quest Rooms. To play these online games, teams need to work together and solve puzzles.

- Virtual Crime Scene Investigation. You can test your problem-solving and .collaboration skills if you have CSI fans on your team.

- Virtual Bingo. Bingo's fun for everyone, right? It's a great activity for team members to relax and have fun.

  • A new era of hybrid working

According to the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN) - Office for National Statistics, most people who started working remotely due to the pandemic plan on doing hybrid work in the future. By training managers in remote management, organizations are preparing for a blended work model.

Additionally, they use technology to connect people from anywhere. For example, companies use Office 365 to connect remote teams.

As a result, we advise you to get started right now on ensuring that teams in hybrid work are doing what they need to.

  • Workplace Digitization

The digitization of workplaces has been accelerating since March 2020. In 2023, organizations are expected to rebuild their technical infrastructure by incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into the fabric of their business.

In HR, these technologies will affect the entire life cycle of an employee, starting with hiring and ending with retirement. The digital workplace will offer better ways to communicate with colleagues and a more personalized experience as hybrid work becomes the norm.

  • Mental Health Support

Keeping employees' psychological health in check is also a trend we think will grow fast. Many employees want better mental health support at work. HR can implement this trend in a lot of ways, like encouraging employees to take time off to avoid burnout. Or HR could invite a professional psychologist to corporate events. You'll get more job satisfaction and better results if you organize mental health activities for your employees. They'll definitely thank you for it.

  • Upskilling is crucial

The World Economic Forum says half of all workers will need retraining by 2025. In addition, the forum reports talk about how important it is to invest in your employees' upskilling.

The technological changes of the past few years have shown that workers need to update their skills and prepare for the future. As a result, companies started encouraging their employees and obliging employees to take time to learn new skills. HR technology like Dynamics 365 HR lets employees track their performance and set goals.

  • Employee wellness programs

Today's job seekers are big on wellness initiatives, with six out of ten saying they're important when looking for a job. It's most common among Gen Z: 67% think wellness programs are important. Ultimately, organizations need to develop holistic wellness programs that focus on employee health, safety, and happiness.

  • Social media recruiting

86% of HR professionals say social platforms are just as important for finding and attracting talent now that recruiting has become more like marketing. And we're not just talking about LinkedIn. Statistics from StandOutCV show 91% of recruiters use a professional network, followed by Twitter at 47%, Facebook at 39%, and Instagram at 11%. The 30% of companies that use this technique are reducing the time to hire and reducing overall hiring costs. So start using social networks to find employees as soon as possible.

  • HR technology

Professional fields will continue to be transformed by innovative tools. Human resources management is no exception. Companies are already using automated HR and recruiting systems. In today's digital workplace, HR technology is critical. Not surprisingly, the vast majority (85%) of HR professionals surveyed said they plan to invest or have already invested in digitized HR solutions. You can try the convenience of technology right now. Sign up and get free access to Brainy HR for 30 days. The future of HR is technology.

  • Hyper-Personalization

For decades, hyper-personalization has been used in marketing to engage customers, but by 2023 it has spread to offices. With hyper-personalization, employees have more flexibility and can change their work environment to suit them. Traditional office spaces are being transformed into more interactive, comfortable, and inclusive workplaces to improve the employee experience.

  • Mobile HR applications

In 2023, mobile HR apps will become more and more popular as organizations adopt hybrid and remote work models. By 2028, the HR software market should reach $ 33.57 billion, with mobile all-in-one HR applications playing a big role. 56% of companies plan to make HR services mobile-friendly in 2023, according to HR magazine. Also, we're thinking about developing a Brainy HR mobile app. Register now and follow our product updates.


In recent years, the labor market has changed a lot. This is mostly driven by global events and technologies. We can follow innovations, implement various solutions in companies, and use technology as our reliable assistant if we can't influence world events (like COVID-19, for example). The only thing we can do is adapt to them.

It's possible that some of these HR and HR tech trends will be an old novelty by the end of next year. However, all signs point to the fact that these trends will definitely be relevant at least during 2023. There's no doubt HR professionals' work will be exciting and closely tied to innovation in the future.

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