Why Workplace Diversity Is So Important

Why Workplace Diversity Is So Important

Diversity management is currently a fashionable term in the HR industry. It is a strategy that allows you to build a competitive advantage on the market. Companies that focus on diversity and social integration are doing better.

The diversity and integration of ideas is becoming more and more popular. This approach covers the same challenges for companies that build their organizational culture based on diversity in their teams. How does diversity look in the companies?

Diversity in teams and management

Companies that create teams which are diverse in terms of gender benefit more from this. The McKinsey study "Why Diversity Matters" has shown that mixed teams are more creative, effective and stick to the project schedule more closely, which translates into better financial results. Also, the assessment of the effectiveness of individual employees working in such teams is much better. The positive impact of diversity is also seen at the board level. Companies with boards of women have a higher return on investment. The data presented in "Why Diversity Matters" show that diversity at the management or managerial level also promotes better communication and the creation of a free and supportive environment. It gives greater openness and better decision-making.

Diversity in the technology industry still matters. Paying attention to this fact can bring many benefits. This explains why:

  • Diversity in the technology industry is still important

  • Diversity in the technology industry is misrepresented and needs improvement

  • The variety of gears translates into better financial results

  • Following the idea of ​​diversity allows you to find the best candidates

  • Diversity in the industry makes employees more involved

  • A diverse work environment enables the use of the best employees

  • Developers are best placed in a diverse environment

  • Diverse teams work better

  • Diverse teams full of better products

  • A variety of different benefits of productivity and innovation processes

  • Diversity improves the correctness of team creativity

  • The diversity of data use for the decision-making process

  • Investors who value diversity in the technology offer, available access to missed opportunities

Diversity in the technology industry is being misrepresented and needs improvement

Diversity is a complex concept that requires the use of many resources and a large amount of energy. This, in turn, can lead to a phenomenon that Atlassian refers to as diversity fatigue. Finding solutions in the context of diversity can be problematic, especially when progress in the industry is too small or not seen at all. A multitude of issues that need to be addressed when talking about diversity can be overwhelming. This in turn leads to inaction and paralysis.

Promoting the idea of ​​inclusiveness and diversity in the company's internal structures seems to be a natural way to attract diverse candidates. It means focusing not only on the way of employment.

A diverse environment helps retain the best employees

Commitment can significantly reduce employee turnover and improve their retention. This is especially true for people who do not subscribe to the majority profile. Commitment is very important to employees. This is especially evident when deciding to leave the new company. One of the best ways to retain a good employee is to be guided by diversity. It works on the principle of a domino effect, positively affecting employee satisfaction.

Developers are best placed in a diverse environment

Employee satisfaction translates into their commitment. However, it cannot be easily measured. A varied environment affects the level of satisfaction. This applies especially to minority groups.

Research from McKinsey shows that there is a huge increase in satisfaction when employees with the same qualifications make up over 15% of the workforce. This means that you should not make a symbolic effort to show off some non-traditional employees. Diversity should be an important factor at all levels of the organization. This will help to keep the best people in the company and make them happy with what they do.

Diversity in technology helps not only employees from minority groups, but also streamlines the work of everyone.

Diverse teams work better

Software development is a process that requires close cooperation. Decisions are rarely taken alone. A good programmer's feature is the ability to work in a team.

Students are more attentive to classes when working in a diverse team. This happens when they are aware of its complexity. It is more likely that a diverse, non-homogeneous group will solve the problem. In such a team, everyone, including those who make up the majority, work better. And when this happens, a better product is created.

Diverse teams create better products

Diverse teams build customer orientation. They often come from different parts of the world and have different expectations. Teams that reflect the complexity of your company's client group stand out from the rest. By sex, nationality, culture, sexual orientation or age. They are more aware of what changes are needed to improve the product.

This is of great importance in the industry, because the best products are created in innovative companies. And this is why diversity can help in this.

Diversity has a positive effect on productivity and the innovation process

Diverse teams, especially in the technology industry, work better. A survey of gender diversity among technical teams has shown that such groups are conscientiously following the project schedule. Its maintenance costs are lower and the effectiveness of individual employees is better assessed. As a result, bonuses are also higher. In a diverse team, less is more.

Diversity improves team creativity

In psychology, there is a cognitive error called fluency heuristic. It is based on the fact that the ideas we are convinced seem to us more real, attractive or simply better. It is different with ideas with which we do not feel so confident. Committing a cognitive error can affect team creativity. As a result, he will be inclined to the already known solutions, and not look for new ones. A diverse team brings new ideas.

New employees, however, by committing a cognitive error, will begin to open up to other thought patterns. This corrective action will bring more creative results that are extremely important for a software developer. After all, it's up to him to come up with the most interesting ways to solve problems.

People who lead different lifestyles and come from different backgrounds are more demanding of each other. There is a difference of opinion with diversity. It's required. Without it, there is no chance for any deeper analysis or breakthroughs.

More creativity means better decision-making.

Diversity benefits using the decision-making process

Diverse teams are characterized by greater creativity, innovation and better cooperation, which translates into making better decisions. One report showed that more women in a team dominated by men are attributed to higher collective intelligence. Scientists define this as the group's ability to perform various tasks. Such teams experiment more often, are creative and share knowledge.

Where companies implement a diversity initiative at the leadership level, it's phenomenon called diversity acquisition. The personal experience of the leader breaks the parochial image of the company. This makes the whole organization begin to lean toward inclusiveness, favoring a culture of communication. And most importantly, it creates an environment in which people can express their different views. The flow of information influences making better decisions.

Thus, when diversity is ignored, technology companies lose opportunities, even at the highest levels.

In 2020, diversity still matters in the technology industry

Diversity is not a temporary trend. This is still a serious problem that companies must face. The benefits of accepting employees in line with the idea of ​​diversity are innumerable. From product quality, to people you can attract to, to money that you can earn. There is no recipe to explain this complex process. However, it is extremely important to consider diversity. This is something that will definitely pay off.

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