HR and social media: Tips

HR and social media: Tips

All roads lead through social media - also with recruiting and HR. Social media HR has become a popular method of finding employees. To do this, you need a good plan, expert knowledge, and perseverance. In this post, we will provide you with a practical guide on proceeding step by step.

Social media offers many opportunities to promote the company's brand as an employer (Employer Branding) and thus attract the best candidates. We analyzed the activities of several leading global companies to identify the factors that most influence their success on social media. Here is a list of 8 aspects worth paying attention to when using social media in the recruitment process.

1. Create a profile dedicated to a career in your company on a selected social networking site

Activities in social media are best to start with building a company profile on popular social networks, such as Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook. The social networking site should be chosen consciously to represent the target group that we plan to reach.

Many global brands are worth drawing inspiration from having separate company profiles specifically designed for recruiting. Of course, setting up a separate profile solely for recruitment purposes is a huge challenge and requires time from the HR department employees. But we can also publish information about the company as an employer from time to time on the official general profile of the company. Reaching people who observe our brand with such information may result in applications from people who like our company and observe its development.

2. Frequency and diligence in actions

The most competitive players on the market share information through their social profiles several times a day, thus engaging the community of users who follow them. Of course, such frequency of publications requires a lot of commitment. Still, it is worth having the company's social profile fed with content at least once a day to maintain relationships with fans constantly. You can ask the marketing department for help in this regard, and agree with him, for example, that every 4-5 entries on the profile will be related to recruitment activities. Remember that if you do not offer attractive content, the gathered followers may lose interest in your activities.

3. Use available types of media to engage users

Social networks give us several possibilities to present the information that we want to convey to the users who follow our profile. For this purpose, we can use the text itself and images, videos, and infographics.

4. Publish job offers

Also, don't be afraid to put a link to the job offer on your social profile. There are probably no better candidates for a job than those who know and identify with your company's brand. Additionally, people gathered around your profile can recommend your job offer to their friends, which will make the advertisement reach many valuable candidates. However, remember to treat them all by the principles of Candidate Experience. Otherwise, the communication and image-building tool, which is social media, may turn against your company.

5. Show what the company looks like from the inside

One of the pieces of information that can convince candidates to apply to our company is to show what the company looks like from the inside. Show the candidates that the company where you work is where people are happy to come, a friendly atmosphere, and employees are appreciated. Use the greatest strengths of your company and show them.

6. Engage existing employees

Encourage your employees to create and comment on content posted on their social profiles. However, remember not to force anyone to do so, as it will not bring the expected results and may be negatively perceived not only by employees but also noticed by users who are watching.

7. Reply to comments and chat with users

This action requires commitment, patience, and composure, but remember that it is worth answering the questions left on the company's profile and sometimes also comments. Thanks to this, your brand will be perceived even more friendly among potential candidates. The inevitability of communication in this channel and being available to potential candidates is also an expression of caring for their needs and an element of Candidate Experience.

8. Publish interesting information

Social media users expect information that will interest them. So don't just post jobs. Also, publish other information that may arouse the group of engaged users on the social profile. These can be, for example, funny information, guides, news related to the company, and much more. The only limitation here is your imagination.

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