How to prepare for HR interview

How to prepare for HR interview
  1. Prepare your story
  2. Look for information about the company.
  3. Job interview - questions from the candidate

Have you been invited to a job interview? Congratulations! You have already been very successful - your CV has caught the recruiter's attention and convinced him of your candidacy. Now you have an important task ahead of you - an interview, i.e., presenting yourself in the best light during a live meeting. In this article, you'll find some tips on how to prepare for an interview. Thanks to them, you have a chance to shine and get your dream job.

Prepare your story

"Tell us about yourself" - the interview is likely to begin with this request. Remember that you can face a lot of stage fright during the meeting, so prepare an answer to this question beforehand. Create an understandable and concise story that will prove that you have the skills and knowledge needed to work in a given position. Present the scope of responsibilities from previous workplaces, examples of activities. Importantly, think about how your experience will translate into the company's expectations in the advertisement you applied.

Share how you dealt with the challenges and what conclusions you drew. If you are starting your career path, refer to your life experiences.

Look for information about the company.

In addition to questions, the recruiter may ask you to solve a case study, i.e., a case study. This is a task-based on a real problem that you might be dealing with as an employee. For example, a customer service position candidate may be asked to describe how they would handle a conversation with a dissatisfied contractor.

It is difficult to prepare for this stage of the interview, as it is impossible to predict the case study. However, having information on how the company you are applying to works, what projects it is involved in, who its clients are, recruitment tasks should not be a problem. Information about the company can be found on the website - surprise the recruiter during the interview by proving that you know more than what is described in the advertisement.

Job interview - questions from the candidate

Treat the interview as a business meeting for both parties. This is the time when you can not only prove yourself during self-presentation but also decide whether you will find yourself in a given organizational culture. So don't be afraid to ask questions, and it's best to prepare them in advance. Here are some examples:

- "What would be an ideal person for this position?"

- "How will the effects of the employed person's work be measured?"

- "Can I provide you with any additional information that will allow you to make a recruitment decision?"

Think positive

You will be best at the interview when you are yourself. Rather than paying attention to self-presentation techniques, think about your strengths, talents, and successes. Focus on the best possible scenario of the recruitment meeting - thanks to this; you will successfully overcome stage fright. Treat the interview as an opportunity to meet other people and test yourself in a new situation. Trust that everything will go your way?

An interview takes an average of 40 minutes - a lot of time to show your best side. A good impression made during the recruitment meeting is the result of prior preparation and a positive attitude. Using these tips will surely help you shine and increase your chances of getting a dream job.

Remember to smile - it can open many doors?

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