Part 2: Upcoming Technologies: HR Tech in 2020

Part 2: Upcoming Technologies: HR Tech in 2020
  1. The HR Tech architecture has changed.
  2. Well-Being and Health Tech combine with HR technology.
  3. Technologies are available to promote diversity as well as detection and diagnosis of harassment.

Currently, there are many well-known technologies mature so much that hard functions are supplemented with those related to talent management. Employee experience platforms and the development of cooperation between these platforms are a new trend.

All these wonderful applications are not from one supplier. That is why ERP providers realized that they are not able to keep up with the pace of innovation, so they change their position as open platforms ready to cooperate with others.

The HR Tech architecture has changed.

For many years HCM systems were treated as those with a "single record system". Although this may be the case for some data, this is no longer the right approach. Today, most companies have many "accounting systems" and they are linked together through a corporate authentication system. At its top is a new set of Employee Experience creation software. And because most of the innovative tools you need now come from smaller companies, we should change our mindset and feel comfortable implementing the "application ecosystem", not just the basic HCM system.

The recruitment market is on fire and is filled with AI technology.

The number of new systems, technologies and solutions based on artificial intelligence is amazing. Recruitment is currently the largest artificial intelligence market in the HR area: acquiring candidates, their assessment, resume review, recruitment interview, all based on artificial intelligence. Recruitment teams must be system integrators - no platform does all this.

Well-Being and Health Tech combine with HR technology.

The employee wellbeing market is worth $ 48 billion. It is probably also the most fragmented and most developing of all markets. Tools for mental and emotional health, stress reduction, physical fitness, diet and financial well-being are everywhere and there are more and more of them. Most large healthcare providers invest their money in new artificial intelligence tools that can be combined and tailored to the needs of any type of business category. On the other hand, well-being platforms (such as Fitqbe) can combine all these features together and bring about a real change in employee behavior.

Similar to the first point. Employers have a lot of needs in this field:

  • integration, building community, purpose and sense

  • health education

  • activation for sport and health, mental health, financial wellbeing,

  • providing employees with benefits and benefits management, matching benefits to employee needs,

  • building a culture of gratitude,

  • bonuses.

and to develop them, they implement a mass of tools for which everyone needs administrators and moderators. We often support ourselves with external companies, which additionally becomes a big cost for the HR department, whose budgets like to be cut.

Therefore, the right solution should be able to manage many of these issues in itself and adapt to the level of sophistication of the company's strategy, read starting with a smaller number of functions that manage current needs and the possibility of using others in the future. It should also give easy, mobile and web access to employees as well as necessary information and educational reports of the employer, in addition it should be open to connections with other HCM solutions, such as SAP, Microsoft, G Suite., Etc.

Here, it is worth highlighting the HR trend of all-in-one, i.e. many functions in one solution and connection via API with others intra-company solutions.

Technologies are available to promote diversity as well as detection and diagnosis of harassment.

This market did not exist a few years ago. Today it is a real segment of the technology market and each of us should increase our awareness of the existence of products on it, because these can be critical problems for the company's brand.

HR Trends - Platforms geared to 'From feedback to action' are emerging

All employee survey and feedback tools are transformed into 'action platforms'. Systems that collect information and transform it into practical recommendations for managers.

The HR Tech market has become interesting for many players who were once not interested in HR trends. Facebook from its Workplace, Google with a work service, Microsoft and Linkedin. Additionally, very large young companies, startups are constantly being created, which are able to quickly conquer the market and manage agile needs of employers much more - that are worth paying attention to, trust and help develop, develop the product and meet the expectations of companies that face more and more challenges in this sector.

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