Focus on Work-Life Balance

Focus on Work-Life Balance
  1. Steps to achieve the perfect relationship between work and private life
  2. Create flexible graphics with a wider perspective in mind
  3. Flexible working time
  4. Be more energetic and invest time in physical activity
  5. Let go of perfectionism

How to achieve a good relationship between your work and personal life? The concept of work-life balance seems to polarize opinions in contemporary society. Some argue that achieving a positive relationship between work and personal life is the key to a happy and productive existence, while others think that this concept does not make sense nowadays.

In the world of constantly ringing smartphones, working on projects available in the cloud from anywhere on Earth. In addition, career development is often associated with the need to work after hours and to solve difficult, complex problems.


Еhere are people who are successful at work and at the same time lead a satisfying personal life. How do they do that???

Steps to achieve the perfect relationship between work and private life

Learn steps towards achieving a practical balance and a good relationship between work and private life, which can contribute to your better health, productivity and happiness:

Learn to say "No" at work

If you are an ambitious, talented and effective employee, you are certainly eager to be involved in various projects. Your boss and colleagues often turn to you with various requests because they know that the work you do is of good quality. If you additionally show commitment, have a positive and enthusiastic attitude, you can become the main goals of urgent tasks that are to be done "already". And other out-of-program activities that arise and are looking for a person to do them.

Although you should not change your positive attitude and become completely inflexible in the eyes of your boss and colleagues, you should always make the decision to take on the next task bearing in mind your current responsibilities and priorities. You must clearly argue why in a given situation you will not undertake the next task or lead another larger project.


Create flexible graphics with a wider perspective in mind

Creating a daily work schedule can increase your productivity and a more favorable relationship between work and private life. When developing such day plans, try not to make them too stiff and inflexible. Planning everything to the point is pointless, life can be unpredictable. Keep certain intervals between each calendar event.

When planning the day, also take into account the need for breaks during which you will be able to break away from demanding tasks, relax and unwind for a moment. In addition to business tasks, take into account other responsibilities, especially those that relate to your loved ones and personal life. A schedule planned in this way will help you maintain a better balance between work and private life.

Flexible working time

If you work full-time, you are subject to working time and specific organizational rules. The modern world is changing rapidly, and this also applies to how we work. Mobility and new technologies enable us to work remotely, thanks to which we are not attached to our desk in the office. Also, flexible working time helps many employees in developed economies to achieve a positive balance between work and private life.

If you have the opportunity to use remote work and flexible working hours at work, use this opportunity. If this is not practiced in your organization, talk to your boss and come up with such an offer. Of course, you must have a justification for your flexible schedule or remote work, and a clearly defined plan of what and when you will do, and what will be the results of your remote work. The key is a proactive approach and going out to your manager with such an idea in the form of a business proposal good for both sides.

Be more energetic and invest time in physical activity

This step requires investment of time and adding additional tasks related to exercises and training to your, probably already busy schedule. It can be difficult sometimes but it is profitable. When you start exercising and building your endurance, it will bring you many benefits over time. Your energy level will be higher and you will have more strength to perform other tasks that you need to perform. Thanks to physical fitness, your productivity will also be higher. Choose the activity most suitable for you. Strength training, running, swimming, fitness, there are many possibilities.

It turns out that regular movement improves not only the body's efficiency, but also mental capacity, improves memory and concentration. This can be invaluable, especially at the beginning of the day, so think about your morning time for exercise. In addition, physical effort makes your stress level lower, which has a positive effect on your efficiency and well-being.

Let go of perfectionism

Many people, especially those who set goals in life, also have a tendency to perfectionism and the desire to do everything perfectly. Sometimes, this might seem like a good feature bothering you. It causes us to waste time creating ideal solutions when the effect we have already achieved is sufficient to achieve the goal. In addition, we stress and use our energy to achieve the perfect result in our opinion.

Sometimes perfectionism can evolve into workaholism and negatively affect other areas of our lives. The key to avoiding burning is letting go of perfectionism. As life becomes more extensive and we have more responsibilities, it is very difficult - both neurologically and mentally - to maintain this habit of perfection. Let go of being perfect, move towards continuous improvement and improvement, instead of achieving an idealized, perfect result right away. The lack of perfectionism does not mean letting go and mediocrity, on the contrary, the lack of perfectionism causes continuous development.

If you are trying to change something in your life, start with something small, succeed and move on to the larger steps. You have a greater chance of success than by introducing drastic changes to your life that you may not be ready for.

These practical steps should enable you to achieve a better balance between work and private life, without prejudice to your professional and personal relationships.

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