You asked and we delivered. Brainy HR has a new design!

You asked and we delivered. Brainy HR has a new design!
  1. So, let's see how the appearance of Brainy HR has changed:

​We consider extremely important feedback from our active and potential customers. Because these answers allow us to work on our mistakes, generate new ideas for improving our product, and more accurately realize customer expectations.

The client's wishes are what make it possible to develop there.

One of our tasks was to update the design of our HR software.

We conducted a survey among our active users and former customers and after analyzing them, we compiled a list of changes that our platform most needed.

So, let's see how the appearance of Brainy HR has changed:

  • Light and dark theme. This is the first change we did. After all, there were many requests. Switch and choose a light or dark theme for a more comfortable experience.


  • New colors. We diluted our white-green range of colors because customers tell us that it is too boring. We also started using orange, red, and blue colors along with white and green. They are all applied in different variations. We did this so that you use our software with aesthetic pleasure and interest. However, of course, we did not overdo it with the brightness and variety of colors, in order not to harm your vision. Therefore, in our opinion, we have made moderate changes, because now the design is not so boring, but it does not look like a bright carnival. Check out our color updates and leave your feedback.


  • New elements and fonts. In addition, we have made a new form and a new description of the buttons. Now using our platform has become more convenient and intuitive.

Also aware of the great value of fonts, because this affects the overall perception of the platform, we have updated our font. Now the visual perception of the text will become more pleasant.


  • We always leave the choice to our customers. Of course, after updating our design, we would like our customers to use our software only with the changes that our team has made. But we also understand that some of our customers liked the previous option. That`s why you can always go back to the previous version here and use Brainy HR in the old design.

We are ready to continue to change and introduce desired updates for our customers because improvement always leads to positive results.

If you like our update and need to install HRIS for your business, get free access for a month to the Brainy HR demo version.

Do you have some ideas that would like to see in Brainy HR?

​Write to us and maybe we will implement your idea as the next one.


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