TOP 5 Best Free HR Software Solutions

TOP 5 Best Free HR Software Solutions
  1. What are some key features of free HR software?
  2. TOP 5 Best Free HR Software Solutions
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Choosing and installing HR software is an important decision for every company. After all, many processes in the company will depend on the final decision, which will eventually affect the overall productivity of employees and business efficiency.

The HR software you choose will affect not only those processes that are already taking place in the company. They will also affect the future of your business, namely the employer brand and the impression of new candidates.

But we understand very well that especially at the beginning, when the business is still small, but the need for human resource management is present, it is difficult to purchase high-quality and at the same time expensive software. Fortunately, there are free software HR solutions on the market that can cover your needs in the beginning. Of course, they do not have such rich functionality and individuality for the client, but you can use them for some time and be satisfied with the result.

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What are some key features of free HR software?

It is also important to know that free HR software may not be free and some features will be minimally chargeable.

We've compiled a list of some common limitations of free HR software that small businesses should be aware of. After all, in any case, free software is not competitive in quality to a paid professional service. But as we already wrote above, with a limited budget, you can use this option for a certain time.

  1. Limits on the number of employees or users. Most free HR tools have a user limit. Therefore, if you are developing quickly and your small business is growing quickly, then you will have to find a new paid solution with an unlimited number of users over time.
  2. No customer support or updates. So if you run into problems, you can waste precious time trying to find a solution. At a time when customers of paid HR software receive important security updates, you may be risking the privacy of your information.
  3. Functionality limitations.Most free systems are either quite limited from the start or make reliable features difficult with significant limitations (for example, no ability to customize fields or track changes).

That’s why free HR software is a great option for small businesses that won’t hurt your budget. However, in almost all cases, paid HR software is the best option to access many reliable features that your company will need at different stages of development.

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It is possible to find effective and even free HR software. When looking for such a solution, you need to look for tools that will help employees improve their workflow and productivity. Also, these should be the tools that help structure and optimize processes in your HR department.

Finding the right free HR software is possible by considering the following features:

  • Ability to customize. You need to find software that can be customized according to your company's values
  • User friendly. In this software, it should be possible to engage employees with an intuitive system
  • Communication. One of the main functions of HR software. It should provide an opportunity to create a team environment and enable easy communication between all team members.
  • Personnel management itself. HR software should provide an opportunity to manage personnel from the hiring process to collaboration and career development in the company.
  • Training. Your software should have a section with training courses for your employees.

TOP 5 Best Free HR Software Solutions

By the previous points, we have created a list of the best free HR software that will help you organize HR processes in your business.

HRLocker is a cloud-based HR management system that offers a robust set of features. HRLocker is based in the UK but offers HR software to companies worldwide. HRLocker's free plan is designed for startups and micro-enterprises. It is only able to support up to 4 employees, which is a very small team. In addition, the free version of HRLocker does not include any support, so users will have to solve the software problems on their own.

Freshteam is a cloud-based HR and applicant tracking system from Freshworks designed to help recruiters find, interview, and hire qualified candidates for various roles.

Freshteam’s free HR software is much more limited than any of its paid versions. For example, the free plan can only support three job postings at a time, whereas the next step offers 10, and the other tiers offer unlimited postings. Additionally, free version users cannot customize their career site at all, so adding things like your company logo isn’t an option here.

OrangeHRM Inc. is an HR software company based in Secaucus, New Jersey, best known for its Human resource management system. OrangeHRM was founded by Sujee Saparamadu in 2005. OrangeHRM offers starter and advanced versions for its clients.

The Company provides a free source code version that can be hosted by the clients themselves. Tailored modules and Plugins come at a fee.

Grove HR - is a free HR platform for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform provides management of the entire employee lifecycle, starting with hiring. Grove HR is a completely free platform. The number of users here is unlimited. But some users have asked for more advanced reports and performance features.

It provides a cloud-based HRMS tool and is quite popular as it packs the aesthetics of a paid software suite in a free version. It covers almost all HR Functions from recruitment to performance appraisal, time tracking, and employee self-service. But the interface can be a bit overbearing with the high-end modules and complex features.


Currently, the HR software market offers not only paid solutions, but also free ones. This is an excellent solution for those who are just starting a business, but already need the structuring of HR processes. Most of these free software are good solutions for small businesses, but many of their features are limited.

And along with the growth of the business, its needs also grow. Therefore, over time, we still recommend looking for a high-quality paid replacement.

We suggest that you also pay attention to our HRIS Brainy HR. Sign up today and get free access to the demo version for 1 month.

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