New Year Corporate gifts ideas for employees

New Year Corporate gifts ideas for employees
  1. Christmas gifts from the employer
  2. Employer - give me what I need.
  3. A holiday gift for an employee matters

Christmas will be soon again. For supervisors and managing directors, the pre-Christmas period is not just a piece of cake: What should you give your employees this year? The bottle of wine was last time! If you are also looking for gifts for your colleagues and do not yet know what to buy: Here you will find 24 ideas for gifts that will really make your employees happy.

Anyone looking for gift ideas for their employees on the Internet will get a lot of hits. Dozens of sites - mostly from online shops - advertise products that would make good gifts. Indeed, these lists often give you excellent ideas. But maybe you feel like so many others: Most of the gift ideas that can be found on the Internet are either too ordinary or too unusual. Your employees have already received ordinary gifts more than once in their life: a bottle of red wine box of chocolates.

Christmas gifts from the employer

Some people find buying gifts from the boss for employees a bit controversial. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. For many people, it is an absolutely family time; they do not want to associate it with work. However, we stick to the statement that it is an element of usual tradition and is simply a good opportunity to thank the employee for the whole year of work. It allows you to appreciate selected employees and at the same time becomes a brilliant way to build an employer brand.

What kind of gift prepare from an employee for Christmas?

The decision to buy gifts has been made. What to choose to make your employee truly happy? Christmas gifts for employees do not have to be expensive. It is about memory, gesture, and distinction.

Why is a gift for an employee so important?

As many as 97% of employees think that giving gifts by the employer is a good habit. 62% of them believe that it is a recognition of their employers. A gift from an employer improves their well-being (56%); they feel that the employer cares for them (50%). Gifts motivate employees to take up new professional challenges (46%). Christmas is a perfect occasion to distinguish an employee by giving him an original gift. The respondents gave us some interesting ideas.

Employer - give me what I need.

If you are giving a gift, make it hit. Employees have the lowest assessment of gifts with the company's logo - mugs, notebooks, backpacks. They rated them only 1.6 on a 6-point scale. Books, gift baskets with coffee and sweets, and other tangible gifts are all about the middle of the scale. The top marks won gift cards for stores and vouchers for survival gifts. Warm, warmer, hot. We have it! Only which vouchers to choose?

For an employee for Christmas - little relaxation?

Regardless of whether we work physically or mentally, shorter or longer - we are all human, and we need relaxation. Everyday duties can keep everyone awake at night. Christmas is a great opportunity to give the employee a SPA voucher. Thanks to this, he will be able to choose favourite massage in a convenient location. Employees will individually adjust the date and set of treatments that will give the greatest pleasure. For a moment, employees will forget about everyday worries and return to work ready for new challenges!

An adrenaline rush

In contrast, some employees prefer to rest actively. Your gift for an employee can take the form of a New Year's challenge! Watch, ask. Maybe he recently mentioned that he has a routine and needs a breakthrough? Use it! If you know that your employee gathers a lot of courage - give him a voucher for a jump from a height. Do you have a bigger budget? Make it a parachute jump! She will have 12 months to redeem her gift, so she will definitely choose the moment that suits her best. You can go the other way and give him a Christmas adventure at a shooting range for two - this is an additional opportunity to spend time with a loved one.

Or maybe just something the employee likes?

Do you know your employees well? Could you support them in developing their hobby? Passions and interests are essential. They help us break away from everyday worries, teach us patience, and give us faith in ourselves. Do you have a bookworm working for you? Please give him a Christmas voucher for access to an unlimited number of e-books. Or maybe you heard that one of the employees recently stopped learning a foreign language? A voucher for a six-month English course and a Christmas gift for the employee is ready. If you know that it is essential for your employee to spend time with his family, give him a voucher for a visit to the Illusion Farm or family candy workshops. Trust us - he will certainly appreciate it.

One for all, all for one

If you have doubts about giving gifts to each of your employees, we have one more proven idea. As a Christmas gift for employees, organize a group integration! Go off-road together or go go-karting. After all, you can sit at one table, share a wafer or have a nice evening. The team will unite and relax. It is during corporate integrations that employees, regardless of the hierarchy within the company, have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Such projects are not only simply nice, but also pay off in the results of the team's daily work.

A holiday gift for an employee matters

We want to emphasize once again that the most important thing is the willingness to give a gift. The employee feels appreciated and motivated. This is another way to express your appreciation for the hours, days, and weeks spent together as the year ends. For the Employer, gifts are associated with an expense, but in every budget there will be room for even small gifts.

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