Job satisfaction as one of the main motivators

Job satisfaction as one of the main motivators
  1. Risks - work as a hobby
  2. Job satisfaction - psychological view

Job satisfaction is closely related to the attitude of the employee to the organization, more precisely to the place itself, the atmosphere, the supervisor, colleagues, and the tasks they perform. This is influenced by the financial aspect, but also by higher-order needs such as a sense of success, prestige, respect, belonging and self-fulfillment.

Is job satisfaction more valuable to us than salary?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. For some people, the most important thing is the salary amount in a given month. However, there are employees who say that their salary is important to them, but more important is that they can do something they enjoy, and the result of their work will be appreciated by their supervisor or colleagues. Satisfaction with work is felt internally based on what has been achieved, it motivates further action. Remember that remuneration is one of the hygiene factors according to Herzberg's theory. It is needed so that we are not dissatisfied. Can work be our hobby?

Of course! If we are interested in something, e.g. we love to photograph people, we have a vision that the photo will surprise others, so why can't we become a photographer professionally? Actually, we can, but not everyone dares to follow their heart. Sometimes it only requires us to believe in ourselves and in our abilities. People who are looking for a job, paying attention only to the financial criteria or the distance between the company and home, will not be as happy in the future as people who have started to do something professionally that resulted from their interests, which made them want to read more and more about it , deepen your knowledge and constantly strengthen your competences. This does not mean that they will not be financially satisfied with their lives. It may happen that they will earn more than those who chose the job for remuneration. Why? Because the strength of their internal motivation is so great that it pushes them forward and gives them wings in difficult moments.

Can you imagine that you can do something that gives you satisfaction? Imagine that when you do work, you lose yourself in it, lose track of time, to the point where you cannot believe that you should go home already, and there is so much you want to do. Nice feeling? Or is it just like that? Maybe you are among those lucky enough to be able to do a job that satisfies them?

Risks - work as a hobby

There is a danger here - workaholism. When we like what we do so much, when endorphins are born in our body, when we become addicted to work, we may have gone overboard the other way. Therefore, it is best to work in moderation, even though it will be our hobby, and also find time for friends, family and other interests.

What if the parents are doctors or lawyers - do I have to follow in their footsteps too?

This is still a common phenomenon in our country. Parents want their child to follow in their footsteps, be educated and replace them with dignity, e.g. in a family law firm. If this is not the same as what the child feels, then he or she will definitely not be satisfied with the profession. It may happen that the child thinks that he wants to do it, but will quit after two years of study. Better to do it now than after 10 years of work. Of course, at any age, a person may decide to retrain in the profession, because why not, they just need to be aware that it may require some effort. But who knows, maybe this effort will pay off for him. If a man over 50 is fed up with rushing and working in a corporation, he wants to go to the mountains and graze sheep, who will forbid him to become a shepherd?

Job satisfaction - psychological view

Job satisfaction is important due to the level of work efficiency, but what is more, it has an impact on the quality of human life. These are small pebbles that are not paid attention to due to the lack of time. However, it is worth knowing that such small problems can negatively affect job satisfaction. It is worth considering what irritates, disturbs, hinders everyday tasks and tries to eliminate them.

- justice and equality towards subordinates

If an employee does not agree with the amount of remuneration he receives, he also feels aggrieved towards his colleague in the same position - it has a negative impact on the level of job satisfaction.

- the possibility of achieving success

A good motivator for action is the awareness that in the place where we are employed, we can achieve something, our ideas can be used, the tasks we perform are for something. Thanks to their implementation, we can achieve satisfaction and the company profits.

It is an extremely important element in working with people. Everyone wants to find out if what they are doing is being done correctly, and if not, what could they improve in their actions. Lack of any feedback from the leader or supervisor may have a demotivating effect on the employee.

- varied and complex work

Employees like challenges. Therefore, it is important that they can pursue ambitious goals and assumptions. Thanks to this, people will want to constantly develop and increase their knowledge. When an employee is given a task on a low difficulty level, it is monotonous, it means that job satisfaction is not felt.

- controlling employees

It is worth considering giving up finger pointing what and how the employee is supposed to do. Standing over it, controlling it, waiting for reports. A good way is to leave the employee free to act, i.e. the leader determines what the employee is to do, but not how. Thanks to this, the employee feels responsible for the performance of the task. It requires commitment on the part of the employee and trust on both sides.

- support from the company

The employee must feel that he is needed, that he is an important element in the organization. The employer should support him in his development, try to treat the employee with dignity, subjectively, not objectively, and provide benefits that will make his life easier, e.g. medical care.

- personal problems of the employee

We are not always able to separate private and professional life. When we have an argument with a person close to us, we are tormented by unpleasant thoughts, it is more difficult for us to focus on work. This affects our mood and reduces job satisfaction.

- personal predispositions

Each employee has a different character and personality - we are very different from each other. There are employees who feel great satisfaction with their work, even though they do not have many amenities and privileges. On the other hand, employees who are malcontents complain about everything, no matter what their work looks like. Interestingly, job satisfaction increases with age. Young workers who have recently started working usually have high expectations of their employer.

It is important that employers pay attention to the atmosphere at work. Thanks to this, there will be no explosions or fires, because minor problems will be solved on an ongoing basis before they grow to larger sizes. Thanks to a good atmosphere, job satisfaction increases - and this is what employers and employees care about.

This article shows that job satisfaction is influenced by many factors. It is important that employers are aware of this. It is worth considering examining the level of satisfaction among employees. Thanks to this, we will be able to better manage human resources. It is worth deepening the knowledge about what our subordinates have and what goals they have set for themselves and what vision they have in a given organization. By conducting a satisfaction survey, the employer can find out what the employees' attitude towards work and towards the superior is.

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