HR skills that every leader or boss Must Have

HR skills that every leader or boss Must Have
  1. Business understanding and HR strategy
  2. Analyze and show the connection between business and HR
  3. Solutions and innovations
  4. Networker and initiator
  5. Culture and agility
  6. People & Society

Success in a team starts with you and your leadership style. To meet your employees' demands and expectations in the long term, you need good ideas - especially in today's increasingly digitized world of work.

You should bring these HR leadership skills and competencies to you if you strive for a modern, overall responsible leadership role. The role sees itself as overall responsibility for HR in a company, business, or comparable corporate unit. Companies explicitly ask about these skills when filling HR management positions such as Head of HR, HR Manager, HR Manager.

Business understanding and HR strategy

Understanding business and a passion for HR are the prerequisites for being successful in shaping the business strategy. The definition of a suitable HR strategy also includes the contribution of HR work to the corporate goals. The modern HR manager is interested in both business and HR. He brings with him or develops an in-depth understanding of business and translates critical business topics into HR goals and a quantifiable, result-oriented HR strategy. The modern HR manager has set up his own HR area correctly and future-oriented to give the prerequisites for successful implementation.

Analyze and show the connection between business and HR

The modern HR manager shows in a strategy-oriented foresight based on HR data analysis, key figures, and forecasts how, from HR's perspective, e.g., Productivity, sales, innovation, customer satisfaction, employee engagement can develop in the company and where priorities need to be addressed. He prepares these analyzes clearly and presents them compactly and convincingly to management.

Solutions and innovations

The speed of change and the competitive pressure in companies require quick, easy-to-implement, effective solutions for HR issues. This also requires openness to break new ground and pursue innovative ideas. The modern HR manager has proven innovative approaches in his portfolio to solve challenges and problems. Concluding and result orientation are also required.

Networker and initiator

With his added value, as a recognized consultant and excellent networker, the modern HR manager creates his own internal and external sphere of activity in which he drives and initiates HR issues. He does not rest on what he has achieved but looks for the next development step to take the company forward. It encourages and influences management in a positive sense to actively tackle their own HR tasks themselves and use them for business success.

Culture and agility

The modern HR manager actively deals with the company's culture and agility, the executives, and the employees. These topics need to be concretized, made tangible, and proactively shown where the company's opportunities and risks lie. Programs, initiatives, and measures in this area are often the responsibility of the HR leader. This succeeds in getting all those affected on board and getting them involved in the implementation. His excellent communication skills, change, and project management experience help him with this.

People & Society

A main responsibility of the HR leader: Social factors such as Family, lifestyle, health, digitization, immigration, value change, globalization, and environmental issues determine people's professional experience and behavior. The modern HR manager anticipates these issues for the different generations, phases of life, and diversity in the corporate context. He designs working and contemporary framework conditions, individually and collectively, to feel comfortable, perform well and develop their potential. He has an integrating effect and is open. He regularly collects feedback to determine where the company stands and how attractive it is seen as an employer.

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