How to recruit employees and to drive your brand's success?

How to recruit employees and to drive your brand's success?
  1. What is recruiting?
  2. Why Recruiting is Effective: 5 Reasons Why You Need a Strategy

Behind every great company there is a team of talented and passionate people. But these teams don't build themselves - they're based on strategic recruiting and talent management processes.

Recruiting process plays a big role in hiring the right talent for the position, and when you know how to recruit well for your business, you ensure your business's continued success.

What is recruiting?

Simply put, recruiting is the process of finding talent and hiring them for roles in the company. But it's a little more complicated as the people recruiting process has a few moving parts.

Although every company differs in the way recruiting processes are built and the structure of HR and talent departments, the basic principles are always the same:


This person builds and manages the entire recruiting process, from sifting resumes to establishing first contact with applicants, interviewing applicants and communicating that they have finally got (or not) a job.

Recruitment Manager

This person determines what each role requires and ultimately has the final say on hiring. Often this is the person who manages the team, of which the new recruit will be part, so he will work closely with the new employee.

Other people may be involved in the process, such as the HR department for salary determination, employer branding marketing, and other high-level stakeholders such as the board of directors acting as recruiting leadership.

It's important to pinpoint one common misconception in this area - recruiters and talent acquisition managers are different.

While talent managers are similar to recruiters, the former are more focused on long-term planning and building ongoing strategies. The latter is more focused on filling the holes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Recruiting is Effective: 5 Reasons Why You Need a Strategy

Simply put, if you don't have a team, you don't have a business. You need people to get things done, increase revenues, and build your business.

When recruiting employees, you should never accept the first candidate that comes to you - unless you are sure they are a perfect fit for the role. You need to think holistically and strategically decide how you want to shape the future of your business and then hire based on those concepts.

Here are the key reasons why you need to build a hiring process:

Soft and hard skills

The basic level of any good recruitment strategy requires honest and substantive hiring of candidates. A systematic approach ensures that no unfair bias will affect the hiring decision, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion of the candidate, etc.

Consistency in the selection process

Inconsistency is basically any business's worst nightmare. Inconsistency goes hand in hand with instability, and that's not good for any company.

Developing a strategy helps the recruiter to smoothly go through the entire process with each candidate and determine what to look for at each stage of the journey.

Create accurate job descriptions

Developing a hiring system allows you to more efficiently and effectively write accurate job descriptions to suit your role.

You will be able to work closely with the hiring manager at the necessary stages to determine what basic skills and work experience are required for the role, and thus hire the best candidate for the position.

Ensure transparency of the recruitment process

Having a system guarantees that everyone involved in the recruitment process knows what is going on - they know where the candidates are during the process and who the leader is.

It also allows for transparency in dealing with candidates about where they are during the recruiting process, which provides a better overall candidate experience.

Gain credibility among job seekers

A dirty recruitment process is a big red flag for applicants. This can scare them off and, what's worse, there are tons of scams where candidates are pulled into fake companies.

If you conduct an organized, systematic recruitment process, it allows candidates to build trust in your brand and rest at ease.

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