Brainy HR. July updates

Brainy HR. July updates

​​Faster, more efficient, and more convenient. It is under this motto that we have prepared for you a refresh of the Brainy HR platform in July. The updates have touched all user roles and will help our clients do their work even better and more efficiently with the help of Brainy HR.

What exactly is new on our Brainy HR system? You will have a new 7 tools for your productive work

#1. Manager Notes

​We provide a possibility to view the Manager Notes after the employee termination.

You can find your terminated employee and check all the notes left by the manager.

#2. Time-off + Employee profile

Ability to click and go to the employee's page from the Time-Off sheet

Now you can quickly go to your employee's profile by clicking on his name from the Time-off sheet.

#3. Time-off functionality for managers

Now, managers, have more rules with Time-off requests, like - view, approve, edit, reject, and delete time-off requests from the list of all requests or from the employee page.

#4. Time-off policies in days

Now you have the ability to create new policies not only in hours but also in days.

Also added related widgets.

#5. Time-off list

Made a list on the employee's page with his/her time-off requests​

#6. Possibility to take time-off retroactively

Now you can request Time-off for a date that has already passed

If you need to take a Time-off for dates that have already passed, then you can easily do this

#7. Deleting approved requests

​Now if the manager deletes the request that was approved, the hours are returned back to the employee.

You can also become the founder of new updates to our product. What kinds of features you would like to see in our product? Write us and we will create something incredible together.

Click here to tell us about your ideas​

New features - new possibilities.

The Brainy HR team works for your professional success.


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