1. How does a recruiter need to avoid professional burnout?

Did you know that the date of professional burning was created as a result of research on emotional stress experienced by people working in the healthcare sector? They are emotional syndrome of exhaustion, depersonalization and reduction of personal achievements. He often touches people working in competitions that require intensive interpersonal contacts, highly stressful.

Burning in organizations, it may be the result of too much tasks, excessive responsibility, imposed on the employee, for example as a result of reducing human resources, restructuring, rapid development of the company, or greater concentration on the results than on the team morale. In the situation of a variable, uncertain, unpredictable and ambiguous world, Vuca is very difficult, but it is not impossible.

In the case of medicated medics - emotional tension in their work can be alleviated in many ways: by modifying graphic designers, withdrawing their persons with the most stressful situations; By introducing teamwork, instead of an individual load. It can also help you get a positive feedback on your efforts in your work, recognize from society, superiors, colleagues.

How does a recruiter need to avoid professional burnout?

- Look for the factors of your happiness and welfare in future activities - do not criticize and do not talk about yourself wrong. Be good for yourself, care for yourself, find acceptance.

- Compare your reactions, thoughts, feelings with reactions, thoughts and feelings of other people. Note that not all your reactions are adequate to the situation.

- Note that you have to support you people who can share your joy and worries with whom you can share your joys. Expand relationships with people who can provide this support. No number of relationships and their quality will have meaning for you.

- Be careful and live in accordance with the right time prospect. Be targeted for the future when you have any work / project to do. Be oriented here and now when the target has been achieved to be able to fully enjoy the achieved results and in the right moments come back to your roots based in the past - what is the value for you that you had dreams?

- Take responsibility for all your successes and achievements - share with other people. See what your strength is your strength, notice what makes you, a unique person in a career, your work, competence.

- When you feel that the situation you found, it seems to overcome you - try to take a distance - you can leave physically, feel the role of another person in this situation or imagine a future without current factors that are difficult.

- Please note that all events, even those that you recognize for failures are a valuable database of unique experiences that enrich you. All you need to have only honestly notice and draw conclusions for the future.

If you think you need help - report to a specialist. Remember this privilege to use the support of advisers, Coach, psychotherapist.

Be careful, see the positives and pleasure of life - rewrite for small successes.

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