8 rules for working from home

8 rules for working from home
  1. 8 rules for working from home

Work from home requires discipline and can be a challenge for people used to everyday life's office routine. Let us remember one thing - the current situation is difficult, we must take care of our own and our loved ones' safety, but at the same time remember about the business reality.

The time of the pandemic will pass, and we will all return to the new business reality that is already severely tarnished. So let's be responsible, take care of ourselves, but also honestly perform our tasks.

8 rules for working from home

1. Plan your workday

Start and finish at the time when your work normally starts/ends. Beware of distractions (such as Facebook, games, chats, etc.) will distract you from your job responsibilities. Remember that working from home is not an extra vacation. In some cases, the employer may agree to hourly flexibility to provide a specific work result. However, this is the decision of the organization, not the employee.

2. Stick to your professional routine

Reply to emails on an ongoing basis, answer calls, be available to your colleagues, supervisor, clients. Remember that the results of your colleagues often depend on the results of your work.

3. Stock up on the necessary tools

Laptop, cell phone with good coverage, access to systems (not to mention the Internet), documents, videoconference applications, etc. If your company's problem is remote access to network folders/applications, arrange with your superiors how you can have the necessary information. Also, remember about the security of information taken outside the company!

4. Make a list of tasks

Depending on the specifics of the work for a given day or week, please discuss with your supervisor his expectations, as well as the expected progress reporting method.

5. Prepare your workplace

Remember to have a comfortable working position if possible (for 8 hours!). If possible, find a secluded place so that you can focus. Explain to relatives that you need space for quiet work (older children should understand).

6. Take breaks

Stay hydrated regularly, eat lunch, walk away from the computer to stretch your body.

7. Take care of your and your company's professional image

You can, of course, work in pajamas, as long as you do not plan a videoconference, for which it is worth taking care not only of professional clothing but also the background of the conversation (not necessarily the view of the kitchen). Remember to leave official tools for professional use, do not let children play with them (they may pick up the phone or send unwanted information to the client). During phone calls, it is also worth ensuring a quiet place to talk, e.g., without a child screaming into the handset.

8. Remember about professional relationships

Sometimes a conversation with a co-worker instead of sending an email will not only strengthen the relationship, but it will also be a nice and needed springboard in these difficult times when contact with another person is essential and at the same time difficult.

By the way, we also appeal for two things:

# positive thinking - being driven by panic is not conducive to anyone. Let's take care of our own and our surroundings' well-being

# forbearance - times are demanding, for some people working from home is a new experience to which they will have to adapt.

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