Work rules: Laszlo Bock

Work rules: Laszlo Bock
  1. Who this book is intended for
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  3. Where do the changes begin

The key message in this book: It’s clear why everyone wants to work at Google. Google also gives power to its employees and keeps them happy and challenged at their jobs. By reviewing these strategies, you can lead and maintain a successful company. Actionable advice: Hire in teams.

Who this book is intended for

HR managers and recruiters have a lot to learn from Laszlo Boca. It's time to break down information technology giants into smaller entities. There are plenty of reasons why these enterprises should be divided: they destroy jobs, avoid taxes and lie to legislators. However, the most important reason why we should break up these companies is that, according to the key principle of capitalism, it is the market that plays the leading role, not the government. A key component of the capitalist economy model is that when markets collapse - and this happens - we have judges on the pitch who pull out a yellow card and restore order.

And you know what? Markets are just breaking down. Let's consider what ecosystem could create more jobs and bring more wealth to shareholders, initiate more mergers and investments, broaden the tax base and reduce rents by increasing the competitiveness of companies.

About the book

The book of Laszlo Boca is the concentration of power and possibilities that Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google have gained is conducive to the premature extinction of large enterprises and the merciless killing of small ones. Over the past forty years, the number of start-ups in the United States has halved and the middle class is weakening. It would seem that big companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google should create a lot of jobs, but in fact they offer a small number of highly paid jobs - everyone else is fighting for scraps.

Where do the changes begin

If you want to create the conditions of "great freedom", as in Google, you need to translate the idea into action. Laszlo Bock offers 10 specific recommendations that can be applied in any company to achieve the desired result.

1. Make your work meaningful

Work is valuable not because it brings money, but largely because of a sense of ownership in a common useful business. Help people understand the importance of what you do.

2. Trust your people

Employees must have the right to vote and the right to make decisions. People can and should be trusted.

3. Hire only those who are better than you

We must strive not to fill vacancies, but to look for really excellent employees. Bad employees are a slow poison for the company.

4. Do not confuse the concepts of “development” and “performance management”

You need to talk with employees. An open dialogue is possible only if employees are sure that they will not be punished or fined for their failure.

5. Focus on the “two tails”


A real leader is a man with a vision. He is a person who knows exactly where he is going, what the road to success looks like and finally - what the win tastes like. So spread your vision, remembering the author: it was understandable. Be passionate about it. Let your employees feel that the work of each of them was to the desired goal. If your subordinates see in you the spark that ignites you and notice the creative enthusiasm that drives you, it will follow you.

Gives an example

How can you gain credibility and respect in the eyes of your subordinates? Simply put, come back to them. Behave like that, because people have to imitate you. If you demand a lot from your team, you must meet equally high standards for yourself. In other words, you demand from others - also demand from yourself. Take care of this, author: there was no gap between what you say and what you do. Thanks to this, you will be endowed by a trusted team and, by the way, train people behind you. Like a real leader of the company community.


An important feature of a leader is managing ethical values ​​- in behavior, when making decisions, in building relationships. Real leaders are distinguished by their skills separating good from evil, constancy of views, keeping promises and finally honesty and openness in interpersonal contacts. The consistency of your declarations with the factors you will receive rewarded with loyalty, trust and respect from your employees.

Communicates effectively

Effective communication should be introduced to the skills of team leader skills. It must, however, be transparent, concise and extremely tactful. It's more than just listening to others with comments and answering questions. It is also sharing valuable applications, raising important questions, discussing new ideas, clearing up misunderstandings and expressing your thoughts in a clear and understandable way. The best leaders use communication methods to inspire and add creativity to their subordinate.

Difficult decisions

Do you want to be an effective leader? Be prepared for the fact that you have to make difficult decisions not only quickly, but also available since then, Standing in the calculation of dependent and difficult decisions, specifying at the beginning what you want to adjust. Estimate the various options available and explore the different alternatives. If you make the final decision, take her full responsibility. You will gain the respect of your team with such a firm, firm attitude.

Appreciates the achievements

A habit that should be prepared for any self-respecting manager is a frequent and systemic moment available to their subordinates. Employees who can be productive and fully devote themselves to what they do benefit from values ​​chosen for companies and appreciated by their superiors. Find a way to emphasize and even celebrate employee achievements - let them be even simple words "great work". This will not only motivate, but also strengthen the morale of the whole team.

Full confidence

Good leaders perfectly understand that people want to have influence on what they do and want to believe that their effort put into everyday work really matters. Communication according to the set date and schedule in a clear way, available with this team full of autonomy of action and the right to decide how to perform the task performed. Make them treat them as their own challenge and encourage them to show creativity and innovation.

Motivates and inspires

A true leader of his team with real passion and enthusiasm, constantly inspiring him and effectively motivating for effort. Take the time you use, consider it, to determine their strengths, needs and priorities. Make them feel valuable to companies. This way you will find the best way to motivate them. Show the fruits of efforts and encourage continuous development by setting significant goals and challenges.

6. Be thrifty and generous

Do not spend money on rubbish like endless corporate parties. It’s better to leave them on a rainy day, but do not spare money in special cases (for example, if someone is sick in the family of an employee or an increase appears). Workers should know that the company will support them - both in grief and in joy.

7. Do not pay in fairness

Remember, the best cost more than the average. Therefore, the salaries of different employees should have a difference. And this difference must be earned.

8. Push

Conditions must be consistent with the objectives. Want workers to collaborate more with each other? Tear down the partitions between the tables!

9. Manage growing expectations

If you want to experiment with the suggested tips, first let your subordinates know about it. You need the support of people.

10. Have fun!

And remember that a great work environment is a good motivator.

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