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Meet new human resources system -
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We are happy to announce our new human resources system BrainyHR. features

We included three great features into the first release:

It will help to organize a company structure, chaotic information about employees and gather information about employee professional evolutions.


We have created flexible settings to manage your HR system. It is easy to exclude unused attributes or add new information to your system: addresses, education, information about children, etc.


The permission system allows you to create custom roles and open or close some parts of the portal for certain employees.

Now we have 3 default roles in the system:

  • Owner - full access. A person, who created company account.
  • Manager - limited access, no access to settings and the full list of performance reviews.
  • Employee - can manage their own profile, request time off, manage their own time off requests and see performance reviews.

But it is also possible to add custom role to extend default permissions.


In the current release we included following reports:

  • Time Off Schedule
  • Time Off Balance
  • Departments
  • Office Locations
  • Holidays
  • Birthday List
  • Employee Gender
  • Employee Age

This is just the start. We are going to grow BrainyHR system in order to become #1 solution for human resources management.

We are open to new business relationships and new ideas. So if you need to add new features, additional logic, feel free to contact us and we will find new solutions for us!

How much does it cost?

It is FREE until March 2020.

In March 2020 our users will start receiving notification about the free demo period ending.

We don’t require credit card information to start a free trial. Only when it’s time to purchase an actual subscription. So you will have enough time to try the system and make a decision.

Approximately price is 2$ per user per month.

In April 2020 customers can't use the system for free.

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