How to Become a Human Resource Manager

How to Become a Human Resource Manager
  1. What does an HR department employee do?
  2. Who is the HR person?
  3. What does an HR specialist do?
  4. Who can become an HR person?
  5. What features should HR have?

The term "personnel" for an employee of the Human Resources department is becoming a thing of the past. Today it is called HR-manager or people partner. And although the functions of these people have changed a little over the last few years, there is still a stereotype of the personal as a not very polite and helpful person.

Business is closely related to people and their development. They ultimately create the company and influence its image. However, someone has to manage the team, administrative matters, payroll, correspondence or holiday distribution. Work is divided into two areas, the so-called hard and soft HR. The former includes the above-mentioned functions, while the soft ones consist of more psychological aspects - i.e. building positive relationships at work or motivating employees.

Anyone who feels that such work is for him, can count on many offers of internships or apprenticeships while still studying. It is a dynamically developing industry, HR consulting agencies or HR departments in larger enterprises offer a really large number of jobs. If we take one of them, the first stage of the career will be an assistant position, where within about 2 years we should get to know the industry well, and then we will move to the next stage - a junior specialist. Only a manager can count on an independent position. Such companies are mainly looking for students or graduates of psychology studies, or require a specialization in work psychology or human resource management. But also students of sociology or management can count on employment in this profession.

As we have already mentioned, an HR specialist is an employee of the HR (Human Resources) department. Employee management is the career management of employees and human resource management.

What does an HR department employee do?

What are the tasks of HR department employees? Many people associate this profession with recruitment, which is right, but the range of tasks to be performed is greater. Human resource management to a broad term.

HR can be divided into two areas:

  • soft skills

  • hard skills

In the area of ​​soft HR, employees focus on aspects at work, with recruitment, employer branding and caring for the working environment in the company. HR is hard to deal with HR and payroll issues, vacation schedules or administrative matters.

HR professionals are available in a variety of connections between them and management. People in this position choose the benefits and match them to the needs of employees, judging that the organizational culture is adjusted so that everyone is genuinely satisfied with the time spent in the company.

Who is the HR person?

An HR specialist is a person who works in the Human Resources department dealing with broadly understood human resources. Generally speaking, when working in such a position, you should deal with the career of employees, relations in the company, motivation to work, as well as solving many problems. Many specialists can work in the HR department, e.g. HR advisers, headhunters, HR specialists, recruiters, health and safety specialists, and even coaches. Their duties are of course varied, but they have one thing in common - caring for the company's interests.

What does an HR specialist do?

HR people have many responsibilities. Contrary to popular stereotypes, they do not only browse through CVs and other application documents. Their work includes not only conducting the recruitment process, but also settling working time, preparing payrolls, contacting institutions such as ZUS or US, supporting managers, talking to employees, motivating them to better work, solving current problems in the company, arranging holidays, controlling the dates of medical examinations, preparing reports and helping in managing the company. As you can see, the work of an HR person is not only very diverse, but also requires knowledge in various fields.

Who can become an HR person?

HR specialists is a profession in which the acquired skills and character count more than education. However, this does not mean that university graduates are not welcome. Mostly employees with a degree in psychology, sociology or management are in demand. The skills acquired during the studies are extremely useful in the position of HR specialist, as they are largely based on contact with people. People who know at least one foreign language are also welcome, it is especially useful when people who do not speak Polish work or want to work in the company. It is also necessary to know the computer and other accessories that facilitate the work in this position.

What features should HR have?

Personality is of great importance in the work of an HR person. First of all, it must be a person open to contact with others, who likes to talk, but also knows how to listen. It is especially important during motivational talks with employees or during which it is necessary to diagnose a problem in the relationships and propose how to solve it. Therefore, extroverts, tolerant people, people who value diversity, innovative thinking, creative, but also trust-inspiring and empathic people will do the job. In addition, features such as diligence, flexibility, honesty, ability to work under time pressure, charisma, the ability to maintain discretion, resistance to stress are also valued.

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