Brainy HR - new update (May 2021)

Brainy HR - new update (May 2021)
  1. New Reports:
  2. Probation period logic
  3. Custom dashboards
  4. 7 new survey templates

We are happy to introduce new Brainy HR features: custom dashboards, employee turnover rate report (beta), probation period logic, duration of work report, new 7 survey templates, and Hired vs Left report.

New Reports:

Hired vs Left report

Duration of work report

Probation period logic

Now you can add information about the probation period to the employee profile.

And HR or company owners can see information about the probation period or dashboard.

Custom dashboards

IMPORTANT: Please update your permissions so each role can see only relevant widgets.

Example: employee's dashboard

Example: HR's dashboard

7 new survey templates

Also, from your suggestions, we implemented - 7 new survey templates that have been added to the system. Choose one, click on Create survey.

Back to the configuration step, enable this survey, change data and assign, then check, edit, add or remove questions, and your survey is ready - you don't need to find a lot of information to create smth.

And remember, new templates and ideas are coming!


We are happy to hear your feedback, and please feel free to ask for new features, and our team will try to implement them asap.

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