What is White Label?​

White-label software is software that is purchased by a company from a service provider and rebranded as its own. Buyer companies save substantial resources by not having to produce their own product or service from scratch, and manufacturers don't have to worry about building a sales system and can focus on quality. As a result, both parties benefit. Various software manufacturers use this format of cooperation. We're no exception.


1. Custom Domain

You can configure the DNS record for correct redirecting if you are the domain owner. You can Add A record to DNS with the value Don’t forget to add it to the dashboard also. After adding a domain and writing DNS records you have to wait 24 hours becouse we've got to get some stuff ready.

2. Email

Emails are sent by default from brainyhr, but you can override that in the dashboard by setting your SMTP credentials.

​3. Slack

By default, Brainhr's name is displayed in Slack notifications, but you can change that with your own Slack bot. You can override dashboard fields.

How to fix SSL problems?

There are two ways to solve the problem:
1. Use Cloudflare in a few steps:

    - Add domain to Cloudflare and verify it;
    - Add A record with the value provided in the White Label general tab;
    - Use flexible mode for encryption mode (select domain -> SSL/tls -> overview);
    - In case of invalid redirection please use  ->Page Rules ->Read more

2. Request a free certificate 
​Contact customer support and we will generate an SSL certificate for you.