Open Settings=>Holidays

Create new Holiday 

Name it 

Choose single day or range. 

Example - Christmas - 25th December - single day.

New Year - 1-2 January - range. 

Specify the day. 

Apply to: 

  • all employees - will be applied to whole company. 
  • office - will be applied to some offices. 
  • department - will be applied to certain department only. 


You have an international team - one office in USA, one office in Ukraine. 

Labor day in USA - in September.

Labor day in Ukraine - in May.

So you need to create 2 different holidays- one for USA office and second one - for UA office. 

Add comment if it is needed. 

Choose Repeat Each Year for such holidays as New Year so you don't need to create it again. 

NOTE: holidays will not be included to time -off calculation. 


Employee requests PTO from 24 to 26 December. 

But 25th December - Christmas. 

So employee's time off hours will be 

24 December - 8 hours

25 December - 0 hours

26 December - 8 hours. 

The list of holidays will be shown in holidays grid: