Types of questions.

When you create a survey you have a list of question types. 

Single Select. 

This type is used for a simple question like: 

Do you like coffee -Yes/No

Which one do you prefer: movies or books?

Choose a date for the New Year party. 

So you have a question with a set of answers and employees just need to choose ONE. 

Multiple Select

this type allows employees to choose several answers. 

E.g. what allergies do you have? 

Here how it looks for employees: 

Single Text Box 

This is just a field to answer a question in your own words. It can be combined with other question types. 

For example: if you ask "Do you have the materials and equipment to do your work right?"
this is a simple select - yes/no. 

And you don't need to create another survey to ask "What do you need", just add an additional single text box question: 

What equipment do you need? 

Multi Text Box 

But what if you want to specify each item? 

You can choose Multi Text Box 


This type can be used for questions like "How likely would you be to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?"

So employees can choose a number from 1 to5/10 etc. 


This type of question can be used if you need to measure satisfaction. 

Like "How would you rate your experience with our onboarding program?"

Employees will see it in the survey and can rate it: