Shared Points

Shared Points can be used as a part of employee recognition program. 

Enable it. 


IMPORTANT! Accrual starts at the beginning of period. 

It means that points will be added to the employee balances 1st day of period (month, year). 

This is good if you schedule you reward program, but if you need employees to have points right now, use Cheer up button. 

In the pop up you can specify the points amount. 

Unused bonuses will be lost(or moved to the next period) at the end of the period and new accrual will begin. 

IMPORTANT! Setup steps and max points for ALL roles.

It will be used in Share Points Pop up.

Don't forget to SAVE settings.

Employees can use shared points for rewarding colleagues only. 

Employee gets shared points from colleagues to their general points balance. And these points can be exchanged.