Rewards/Awards requests approval

If Employee wants to earn points for some action all requests will be shown in manager's account. 

Note: employee will not see this section. 

Admin/manager can approve or reject request. 

In Rewards menu (left navigation) find requests tab. 

All requests are listed here and manager can view/reject or approve requests. 

In view form manager can read employee's comments and download photo proof (if it is uploaded). 

If manager reject request, points will not be added to employee's balance. 

If manager approves request, points will be added to the employee's balance. 

And Employee will be able to redeem points. 

Awards Approval. 

Awards are custom gifts and sometimes it requires additional actions to complete the action. 

For example if employee asks for a book - you need to purchase book or add a book amount to the salary. 

So once you approve request you will see new button - complete. 

Click on this only if you sure that request is fully completed.