On/Offboarding Manager's Guide

To create a new task list open On/Offboarding page. Click on the Templates tab. 

Click on Add a list button in the top right corner. 

In the new pop up choose a category (onboarding or offboarding), name it, and give a description. 

Click on the Create new list button. 

A new list is created. Click on the Manage button to view/create/edit tasks. 

In the new window click on the Create task button. 

Add a title and task description. 

You can add links to download documents etc.  

New tasks will be shown in the list. 

Admin can edit/remove tasks. 

IMPORTANT!!! To remove the task list you need to remove tasks first. 

To edit/duplicate or remove the task list click on the Action button. 

To assign tasks to employee(s) click on the Action button. Choose Assign list. 

In the new pop up choose an employee. Just start typing and in dropdown choose an employee (or few employees). 

Add a comment. This is a required field because this comment will be added to the email to notify employees about new tasks. 

By clicking on this link employees will be redirected to their tasks list board. 

All new tasks will be shown in Pending Column. 

Once the employee starts working on the tasks and complete at least one task, this task list will be moved to In Progress Column. 

After all tasks are marked as completed, the task list will be moved to the Completed column. 

All overdue tasks are shown in the Overdue column. 

The manager will see all employees' tasks in the Task List column. 

It allows to control work and help employees to complete their tasks on time. Managers can't complete tasks for employees but can see the progress by clicking on the task list.